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The Canon printer has a good reputation all over the world. It has developed this reputation after years of offering its audience dependable and excellent printing services. Have you ever questioned the absence of the technical support person who is supposed to be setting up your new Canon printer? Are you going to stop printing your important documents? ij.start.canon is the only topic covered in this article. The Canon printer can be configured on its own. Specifically for you, Canon printer employees have developed a website. Short descriptions are provided for each of the important and minor processes required in installing and configuring the printer. The journey to canon.com/ijsetup will now start.

Details of Canon Ij Setup Using Ij.Start.Canon

Before beginning the tour of Cannon printer setup, it is essential to comprehend ij start canon setup. This website has been created and prepared with ease of use in mind, so even a novice user won't have any trouble utilising it. You have official permission to swiftly and easily download the required https //ij start cannon printer drivers thanks to this website. The design of this website makes it possible for you to set up the Canon printer on your own even if you have no prior tech knowledge.

Using Ij.Start.Canon, The Official Canon Website, Installing A Canon Printer

  • Entering “ij.start canon” into the address bar will typically open the official Canon website.
  • On the official page, choose the “Setup” tab from the four choices.
  • The model name and number must now be entered in the product page using the keyboard panel.
  • Even as the model numbers of all potential Canon printers are listed on the website, it scrolls.
  • You will be taken back to the original page if you unintentionally enter a completely other model number that is not on the list.
  • This time, enter the precise model number and name of the printer in the slots.
  • If all of the printer credentials that you supplied in the box are correct, it will only direct you to the product page where you must click the download link to get the suggested software.

You can also go to “usa.canon.com” as an option. Enter the model name and the item number in the search field. Once you have decided which Canon printer you want, go to the product page. the “Drivers and Download” tab should be chosen next. After choosing the appropriate driver, click “download.”

Setting Up A Canon Printer On Different OS & Devices Using Ij.Start.Canon

Now begins the actual journey of building the canon, step by step and procedure after process.

Using http//ij start canon setup to install a Canon printer on Windows

Users who utilise Windows as their operating system should refer to this section. Canon.com/ijsetup provides steps for connecting a CANON printer to a Windows computer. Four subsections have been added to this section so you can easily understand the procedure.

Setup a Canon printer

Unpack your Canon printer with care. To prevent anything from getting stuck within the printer, throw away every tape. Place several good-quality, white, sheets of the appropriate sizes on the ground. In the cartridge holder, align the Canon ink tanks so that they are straight. It is fairly typical to need to plug the printer wire into an outlet.

Network the access point with your Canon printer.

Two procedures for setting up a Canon printer device's connection to an access point are listed below:

Connect a Canon printer to an access point remotely

  • To turn on the Canon printer, press the button. A blue light will start to blink.
  • Your WiFi router will come equipped with a WPS button and turn on.
  • Choose “Wireless Setup” from the touch panel of your Canon printer, and then click the “Wi-Fi Setup” button.
  • Click on Device Settings, then select LAN Settings, and finally OK.
  • Following the preceding step, a list of networks will show up on your device's screen. Click OK after choosing your network access point from the list that appears on your screen.
  • Your WiFi password, the WEP/WPA key, needs to be typed. After providing the right password, click OK.
  • In just a few seconds, your Canon printer will join your Wi-Fi network.

A network access point and a Canon printer are linked through Ethernet.

You can establish a physical connection between your Canon printer and WiFi network.

  • You can choose between using an Ethernet connection or a wired network.
  • At this moment, just attach one end to the Canon printer and the other to the router.

The connection between your network router and Canon printer is now complete.

Connect your Canon wireless printer to Windows.

Setting up the connection between your computer and a Canon printer can be done in one of two ways (Windows OS)

Remotely link your Windows computer to your Canon wireless printer.

  • Click Start after launching Windows on your machine to begin.
  • In the Control Panel, click Snap on Network & Connectivity.
  • Choose “Add Printer” from the menu's “Devices and Printer” section.
  • Verify that your printer is listed with a green check mark on the following screen. In the absence of this option, add your printer manually by choosing the Add printer option.
  • Following this, a list of printers will be displayed. Pick a printer made by Canon.
  • A green check mark will appear once you click next, indicating that your Canon printer has been added.

A CANON wireless printer is connected to Windows using USB wires.

  • The USB cable should be connected with one end in the computer and the other in the Canon printer.
  • Next, use a USB cable to connect your Windows PC and printer.
  • To go to the control panel, use Windows' search options.
  • From the menu, choose “devices and printers”.
  • In the following tab, you may see a green check mark on your Canon printer.

You'll have to add your printer if it's not already there. As soon as you see that your printer is absent from the list, click “Add printer.” After finishing this process, a list of printers will appear on the screen.

Visit http://www.canon.com/ijsetup to get printer drivers.

You need to download the required software before you can connect your Canon printer to the operating system.

  • Visit http://www.canon.com/ijsetup to access the Canon printer's official webpage.
  • Choose the “Canon printer Setup” tab, enter the model number of the printer, and then click “Go.”
  • Choose “Windows” as your operating system in the top right corner.
  • Click the download icon at this time to start the download for your ij.start.canon printer driver.
  • After the Canon driver has finished downloading from http://ij.start.canon, choose Run to continue or install by double-tapping the.exe file.
  • Choose the Start Setup tab next. Click the Install button to start the installation procedure. Simply follow the instructions on the window to finish the setup.
  • When you choose Properties from the context menu when you right-click on your printer, you have the choice to “Print Test page.”
  • By clicking it, you can print the test page.

Using canon.com/ijsetup to set up a Canon printer on an iMac.

Users who utilise iOS as their operating system should read this section. You can utilise Canon.com/ijsetup to link your iOS smartphone to your Canon printer by following the steps. This section has been divided into three primary processes to make it easier for you to understand the procedure.

Configure a Canon printer

Unpack your Canon printer with care. To prevent anything from getting stuck within the printer, throw away every tape. Have a lot of appropriate-sized, bright-white sheets on hand. In the cartridge holder, align the Canon ink tanks so that they are straight. It is fairly typical to need to plug the printer wire into an outlet.

Connect a Canon wireless printer to MAC OS.

Wireless or USB connections can be used to connect your Canon printer to the computer. Ensure that the Canon printer and Apple device are connected to the same network access point. The following two options are listed:

Connect the Canon wireless printer to MAC OS Remotely

  • Open the “Control Panel” and select the “Wireless” icon.
  • To find the “Settings” icon, look. After that, the Wireless Setup Wizard will launch.
  • When the wizard has finished scanning all of the local printers, it will display them so you can choose which printer to install on your MAC device.

Connect a Mac and a Canon wireless printer using USB.

To get the Canon Printer driver for a Mac computer, visit canon.com/ijsetup.
  • Visit canon.com/ijsetup to access the printer's official website.
  • If you are using MAC as your operating system, you must choose the ij.start.canon driver that is compatible with your printer model.
  • Select “Download” from the menu. It will simply take 1-2 minutes if you have fast internet.
  • As soon as the download is finished, you can easily check it out in the download folder.
  • To complete the installation, double-tap the driver.
  • Snap on the Apple icon to open the Apple menu, then select “System and Preference.”
  • The “Printer and Scanners” Option under the System & Preferences box should be highlighted.
  • At the very bottom, far left, you may see the “+” symbol. Snap it.
  • Select your Canon printer (with model number) from the list that displays on the screen, then click the “add” button to finish setting up the Canon printer on the MAC device.

Congratulations! Your Canon printer is now shown with a green checkmark to indicate that it has been successfully added to the MAC.

To setup a Canon printer on an Android smartphone, visit Canon.com/ijsetup.

You can now print on your tips by using your smartphone to provide printing commands. You can access your Canon printer remotely from anywhere in your home as long as you are using the same network access points. Follow these steps for canon setup:

  • Install the Canon PRINT App by visiting the Google Play Store for Android on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Once the installation is complete, click “Run” to start the downloaded file.
  • Press the Canon printer's Wireless Connect button to begin.
  • Data from your mobile device, including Wi-Fi access credentials, will be automatically sent to your printer.
  • Printing a document will allow you to verify the wireless connection when the Canon iJ setup is complete.

Setup your iPhone with a Canon printer.

If you're unsure about how to configure the Canon camera on your iPhone, you've arrived at the right section of the page. Simply follow these steps one at a time to get started:

  • Start by getting the “Canon print” app for your iOS smartphone from the app store.
  • Make that the printer is powered on and connected in.
  • Once the green light is steady, select “WIFI” from the printer's control panel.
  • A Blue light will then flash on the printer.
  • Open the “Canon printer” application. Adhere to all of the user licence agreements and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Choose “add printer” from the menu after that.
  • Select “register print” from the menu. Scan the printer to check its configuration.
  • You will have two choices: “Connect via a wireless router” and “Direct connection.” Selecting “Connect via wireless router” is recommended.
  • After that, attach your iPhone to the same access point to complete the configuration for your Canon printer by clicking the “setting” icon.
  • As soon as you are prompted to connect your WiFi to the Canon setup, go back to the “Canon printer” app and choose “OK.”
  • Any name will do for the wireless network you've selected.
  • You must enter the WiFi password and hit “OK” after selecting the wireless network option.
  • After you press OK, the name of your printer will flash on the touchscreen. Once more click it, then select “OK.”
  • Your Canon printer setup for the iPhone is now complete.

I hope this Cannon Printer setup article has addressed all of your questions. I hope that answering all of the well-known frequently asked questions will be very helpful to you. Despite carefully following all the instructions on your cherished device, if you encounter any difficulties when using ij.start canon and are unable to proceed, you can connect at any time and call Canon Customer Service for all the assistance you require.


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