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Seven nursing trends to be aware of in 2022

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The World Health Organization (WHO) said that there are about 28 million nurses (graduated from the Best B.Sc. Nursing college in Dehradun) working across the globe. This quantity, meanwhile, is far from sufficient to meet patients' unique demands. This has caused a scarcity of nurses worldwide, and by the year 2030, it is anticipated that 6 million nursing positions would need to be filled in order to meet everyone's demands.


The healthcare industry environment will change in a number of ways as the nursing shortage worsens. These seven nursing trends that will rule the market in 2022 should be kept in mind if you're looking at B.Sc. Nursing colleges in Dehradun.


  1. Rise in Unemployment & Growth Prospects- There is a severe shortage of nurses around the world, and this shortfall is only going to get worse. Some of the causes of this circumstance include-
  • A rise in the need for care as a result of the epidemic
  • Due to nurse burnout brought on by the epidemic, there is a significant turnover rate.
  • Aging population growth with more complex requirements
  • There will be lots of job openings requiring registered nurses because there is a big gap between supply and demand.
  • Additionally anticipated for 2030 is a 45% increase in the projected job growth.
  1. The Nursing Sector Will Be Transformed by Technology- A scientific revolution is taking place in the world, and as a result, new technologies are constantly being introduced to the healthcare sector. To boost accuracy, shorten administration times, and enhance patient experiences, newer technologies will be regularly deployed. The use of these technologies by nurses should improve patient care (B.Sc. College in Dehradun). They ought to be able to streamline healthcare procedures using computers and other technologies.
  2. Ongoing nursing skill development- In order to further their careers, nurses (Graduated from the B.Sc. Nursing College in Dehradun) will need to stay current with the significant changes that the health care delivery system will see. As a result, nurses will need to continuously advance their skills by taking part in seminars, conferences, research, training programmes, and workshops held by nursing facilities or healthcare organizations. All nurses (graduated from the B.Sc. Nursing college in Dehradun) who want to stay relevant in the brand-new, dynamic environment must immediately upskill.
  3. Male Nurses Starting Their Careers- The nursing profession acquired by graduating from the Best B.Sc. Nursing College in Dehradun has historically been dominated by women. However, this will change when more males enter the workforce as a result of the global nursing shortage. In order to fill the gap, healthcare institutions will increasingly focus on hiring men as nurses in 2022 and beyond.
  4. Various specializations and career paths- The range of specializations available in the nursing profession is expanding as healthcare requirements become more complicated. There are other nursing specializations in the B.Sc. Nursing College in Dehradun available, including cardiac, cancer, pediatrics, and intensive care. A nurse with a particular area of expertise will be in greater demand than others. More technology developments and research will soon open up more job options as the nursing industry expands.


Final Reflections- The nursing sector is destined to see revolutionary transformation as long as the pandemic persists. If you want to study B.Sc Nursing from the best B.Sc. Nursing college in Dehradun, you must consider joining Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University. Be ready for whatever the future holds, and the only way to be is to always be trained and insightful.



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