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Seven Undeniable Reasons To Buy A Used Car

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While there are certain benefits of buying a brand new car, used cars also offer a lot of benefits that cannot be overlooked. Similarly, there are certain drawbacks of buying a brand new car, and the biggest one is the high cost. Brand new cars are quite expensive nowadays, especially luxury cars. Skyrocketing prices of new cars have compelled buyers to consider pre-owned cars. They are not only inexpensive but equally good at performance. Below are some undeniable reasons to buy a used car.

Cars last longer nowadays

Technology has improved to a great extent. Today’s cars are highly advanced and designed to last longer, which means there is nothing wrong with buying 2 to 4 years older pre-owned cars. Used cars and their parts are very reliable than ever before, meaning the lifespan of today’s cars is exceeded.

Slower depreciation

As per the available data, the new cars lose around 10% of their value by the end of its first month of purchase and 20% by the end of their first year. In short, the car value drastically depreciates just in its first year of purchase. On the other hand, the used car is already depreciated; there will be no or negligible depreciation in its value. Ultimately, you save significant money in the long run with your decision to buy a used car.


Since the new cars lose 20% of their value by the end of the first year of their purchase, it is the right time for you to buy such cars at a very lower price. However, if you buy two or three older cars, you can expect the price to be further reduced. This means you can get the bestpre-owned vehicles in Mobile, Al at a very lower price compared to their price when it was purchased.

More options for your limited budget

While new cars have very limited options that fall within your budget, you get quite more options in terms of used cars. If you visit a used car dealership, you will find immense choices from different brands and vehicle types.

CPO options

Many buyers want a warranty with the cars that protect them against the vehicle’s shortcomings that can lead to costly repair and maintenance. Today, many used car dealership offers a certified pre-owned program that makes the used car purchase safer for the buyers. CPO is different from the manufacturer certification. Dealership certification for any car directly means that the dealer has thoroughly inspected the used car before putting it for sale.

Used cars have expensive aftermarket accessories installed.

The beauty of a used car is the presence of expensive aftermarket accessories. On the other hand, if you buy a new car, you will have to spend a hefty sum of money on buying aftermarket accessories, which will be an additional expense for you. Think of this way as well when comparing used cars with new cars. You will find used cars way better than buying expensive new cars with no aftermarket accessories installed.

Lower insurance costs

Higher insurance costs significantly increase the overall costs spend on having a car. To reduce your expenses on a car, you can switch to used cars that have very lower insurance costs. Basically, insurance cost is based on the value of the car. Since the used cars are already very inexpensive, its insurance cost will be quite lower. Paying higher insurance costs unreasonably does not make any sense, especially when you can get the desired pre owned cars for sale under $10,000 near to you from the used car dealership.


Though used cars have numerous good reasons to buy, you still need to do some research and negotiate well with the seller to end up buying a nice used car at a very reasonable price.

Before you negotiate with the seller, make sure you have compared the price online with other sellers for the same type of car. Plus, thoroughly inspect the car for wear and tear and failure of any mechanical component. In fact, check how it appears- is there any dent on the car body? Keeping all such factors in mind, begin your negotiation process. Hopefully, you will manage to buy a desired used Car for Sale Under $15,000 Near to you.





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