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SEVENTEEN, a popular K-pop boy group, is made up of thirteen amazing members. They are S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino. This article will introduce you to each member and tell you a bit about the subunits they belong to.


SEVENTEEN is a fantastic K-pop group that made their debut on May 26, 2015, under Pledis Entertainment. Since their debut, they have won the hearts of fans all around the world with their incredible music and performances.

Meet the Members


S.coups is a member of the hip-hop unit. He's a talented rapper and leader of SEVENTEEN. He's the one who guides the group and helps them shine on stage.


Another member of the hip-hop unit is Wonwoo. He's known for his deep rap skills and cool style. Wonwoo always brings the energy to their songs.


Mingyu is also part of the hip-hop unit. He's a tall and handsome member who adds charm to the group. His rap skills are outstanding!


The last member of the hip-hop unit is Vernon. He's a rapper with a unique style and amazing talent. Vernon's rap always stands out in their songs.


Woozi is a member of the vocal unit. He has a sweet voice that can melt your heart. He's not only a great singer but also a skilled songwriter and producer.


Jeonghan is part of the vocal unit too. He's known for his long, flowing hair and angelic voice. Jeonghan's vocals are heavenly!


Joshua is another member of the vocal unit. He's a talented singer with a warm and soothing voice. He adds a lot of emotion to their songs.


DK, also in the vocal unit, is known for his powerful vocals. He can hit those high notes like no one else. His voice is a true treasure.


Seungkwan is the last member of the vocal unit. He has a strong and expressive voice. Seungkwan's singing always leaves a lasting impression.


Hoshi is a member of the performance unit. He's an incredible dancer with so much energy on stage. His dance moves are always on point.


Jun is another member of the performance unit. He's a charismatic dancer who adds a lot of flair to their performances. Jun's stage presence is unmatched.


The8 is in the performance unit as well. He's known for his amazing martial arts tricks during their performances. The8 is a true showstopper!


Last but not least, we have Dino, who is also in the performance unit. He's the youngest member of SEVENTEEN but is full of talent and charisma. Dino's dancing is top-notch!


SEVENTEEN is a remarkable K-pop group with thirteen incredibly talented members. They are divided into three subunits: the hip-hop unit, vocal unit, and performance unit, each bringing their unique skills to the group. Whether you love rap, singing, or dancing, SEVENTEEN has it all! Keep an eye out for their music and performances, as they continue to shine in the world of K-pop.


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