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Before we talk about the limitations of a world deprived of the benefits of career counselling it’s important to understand what the phenomenon entails as a whole.

And to keep it simple let’s take the help of Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, who once said, “Your career is your business. It’s time for you to manage it as a CEO.”


Understanding career counselling as a concept:

The whole idea behind the industry is to aid the individual in gaining the right knowledge about various careers. Helping them become more self-aware, confident, and develop the necessary insight into their future. The process includes providing guidance to a person as well as helping them in looking for practical solutions to the problems they might be facing.

Mr. Shailesh Rajpal says, “Career counselling helps an individual understand themselves and their interest along with the current work trends, so that they can make a well-rounded decision regarding their future education and profession.”

If career counselling wasn’t a “thing”:

It’s important to know that getting your child or yourself professionally counselled to map out your professional future, is a relatively new concept. Up until a decade or so ago. If we were to picture an alternate universe where the idea of career counselling didn’t exist, Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, explained the following drawbacks that could be expected to be seen in such a society:

 Individuals wouldn’t have access to a safe environment where they can express their desires, dreams and true talents/abilities. This would inevitably result in them not being able to reach their full potential, and thus feeling unsatisfied with their professional lives.

 They would have inadequate knowledge about which career options are best suited for them, based uniquely on an individual’s personal aspects. As the proper professional analysis would be lacking.

 Due to a deficit in the necessary resources, in the planning, for a stable and successful future, the individuals may be unsuccessful in eradicating unhelpful behavior patterns.

 Since there is no professional assessment being made, no professional help can be provided to guide individuals with the problems they might be facing.

 Having a professionally guided introspective conversation is immensely essential to become more self-aware about one’s strengths and shortcomings, leading to an upward surge in confidence. But without career counseling that would be a very far-fetched possibility.

 When an individual doesn’t have an outlet or resource that can provide them with answers about their possible professional uncertainties, it will inevitably lead to the development of career-related confusion and frustration.


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