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Share my money management experience with real friends[/center]

To do a good job in real foreign exchange , in addition to the necessary foreign exchange knowledge and operating skills, you must also make great efforts to cultivate your own good Mentality, improving one’s psychological quality, YSHX yunshfx Yun Shang Hui Xin Limited and at the same time forming a fund management model that suits oneself, there is one more thing that is indispensable-rich practical experience, which cannot be accumulated without a certain amount of time. There is only one thing that can’t be met, that is luck. Many people have talked about these aspects, and experts are also willing to give advice, but I feel that the actual It seems that not many people have talked about the fund management of the market, and more people have talked about the fund management of the margin. Today I want to talk about some of my personal experience in the firm market, mainly the experience in fund management, and also my actual operation. I want to share the method used in this article, and I hope to criticize and correct me.

1. Divide the funds into 10 or 20 shares (I divided 20 shares), and only use 1~2 shares for each purchase. The specific amount can be based on your own funds. For example, if the amount is less than 10,000USD, you can divide it into 10 shares.

2. Remember not to fill the position. I haven’t filled my position since I started foreign exchange. Anything can happen in the foreign exchange market, you must not be unconfident, and you must not be too persistent, leaving room for yourself and the market.

3. Building warehouses in batches and shipping in batches. Building warehouses in batches: means not building twice at the same price Warehouse, if there is a chance, I usually build it at intervals of 50-100 points; Batch shipment: refers to try to sell the part with lower cost first, and keep the part with better cost. The advantage of this is that once the market goes unfavorable Go in your direction, you are not likely to have big losses, you can take the initiative, and you can have the opportunity to continue to hold or stay on the sidelines according to your own judgment, waiting for the next opportunity.

4. Hold reasonable positions. In layman’s terms, you should hold positions that you can sleep on. !”… No matter how strong the bull market is, you should maintain a reasonable position.

5. The new purchase price should be better than the cost price of your most recent sale. For example, last Friday, I sold some of my Swiss francs, and I started to buy them back last night. I sold the cost of that part last Friday. What does this mean? That is, if I hadn’t sold this part of Swiss francs last Friday night, I would have lost more money now than I do now, and if the market had risen, I would have made more money than if I hadn’t sold them last Friday. This has always been my practice, just don’t buy if there is no better price. Some friends may say, if in a unilateral rising market, the wave is higher than the wave, how can you buy better than the price every time? I just introduce my method and provide some ideas. Specifically, you can look at the chart for real-time technical analysis, make a decision based on the actual situation, and buy at a relatively low level, so I won’t talk about it here.

6. Set stop loss. My general approach is to set 100-150-200 points , you can determine according to your own capital situation and personal risk tolerance. You should also set a stop loss in the firm offer, otherwise you will be trapped in a unilateral market, and you may not be able to solve it for a few years. At the same time, it is also a good habit to develop, Don’t buy casually just because it’s a firm offer, and be aware of risks. In addition, if you already have a large floating profit, please move up the stop loss to protect your profits. The specific point should not be too close to the current price. It is better to give the market a certain space Necessary.

7. Unless you have confirmed that the market has turned, try not to take short positions. It feels very uncomfortable to be short. How to confirm the turn is here No more discussion, there are many introductions in the posts of experts in the forum.

8. Remember, always There may be a better buying point, and there may always be a better selling point. Please evaluate your own level objectively. Do you have the ability to find the most satisfactory price in the market?

9. Don’t make orders frequently. The spread of the firm offer is larger than the margin, so don’t do it without a certain profit margin. In addition, firm offers can only be long, not short, so you may only be able to make orders in about half of a year. Long and short are relative, so don’t make orders just for the sake of making orders. Don’t look long all the time just because you want to make orders, and take a break or study without a suitable opportunity.


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