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That Li Wuque also immediately reached out, a sword in one hand in an instant, fought several times. It seemed uneventful, but after a moment, Li Wuque's hand returned again. Then is the face of s sè livid, looking at the head of Liu Muchen, was Tan Kong changed a sword cut off, blood and light. The whole void fell into silence, and after a while, I heard him laugh: “Good!”! OK! OK! What a Lord of Desolation! What a Holy Armor of Desolation. Li Wuque saw it. Then he snorted coldly, “I only hope that you will be able to be so prosperous and overbearing for thousands of years after you burn the air and the land.” The voice seemed to come from the nine deep abyss, and the words fell behind. Li Wuque brushed his sleeve again, and he also didn't want to say much, so he went away. At this time, in Zong Shou's mind, the voice of the dragon shadow sounded again. It's not just the holy armor of Huang Yan. The Lord of the Hall of Huang Yan should not be the only one who comes here. Chapter 983 something happened. “More than one?”? So which one did it, too? Zong Shou looked at the void and had a little doubt in his heart. Just now it was strange that Li Wuque, after all, was a holy figure, and it was impossible for him to only fight with Tan Kongbian a little, so he chose to retreat. I should be forced to do so, but I have to. At this time, he had a rough estimate of the strength of several temple masters of the Lu family. Alone, no match for the enemy. But if there are more than two people, it can be better than the situation. If he doesn't make a move, how can he make Li Wuque retreat? But the power of the Lu family in the burning air is overbearing. Today, I, Long Ying,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, have also seen it. Li Wuque is also helpless, a burning empty holy court, there is close to twelve to the realm of war. Not to mention the three true saints who have half retired, dozens of holy elders, and tens of thousands of heavenly soldiers. Such strength, even I have some fear. Your Dagan Immortal Dynasty has a long way to go if you want to fight against the Lu family. Zong Shou gave a'hum ‘and never answered. Knowing what Long Ying said, it was only the strength of the Lu family on the surface. It is hard to know whether there are any other details in the Lu family. But just the part that everyone knows is already a huge thing for him. But he Zongshou, not in the face of this pressure, so collapse, lose confidence. At this moment, confidence has not been destroyed, but has aroused some fighting spirit. Is there a thousand worlds in eight hundred? His great efforts, sooner or later, will override it! What Zong Weiran said before. The hegemony of the world, in fact, oil dropper bottle ,Oil Dropper Bottle, is not very attentive, only struggling to do, but at this time a little more serious. I feel that if, as the first crown prince of the Lu family, I inherit the burning of the Lu family and help my mother and Lu Beiwu, I can't straighten up after all. So. How about trampling on this haughty and domineering Burning Empty Holy Court? Thinking of this, Zong Shou raised his lips slightly. Showing a bit of a smile. I only felt that the feeling of confusion that had been lingering in my chest since the return of Jiujue Death Prison had all dissipated at this time. Just this way. It's really a long way to go, and he should work hard from now on. We need to seize every opportunity, every minute and every moment. More Taoist soldiers are needed, more worlds under control are needed, and more monks are needed. I also need stronger cultivation and fighting power. Eventually, there will be a rrhis sword, which will make the eight wastelands in the universe invincible, and Dagan will also become the Lord of ten million worlds! Fortunately, at the moment of the Dagan Immortal Dynasty, the system of Taoist soldiers has been completed. Ao Kun and Ao Yi are in charge. It has entered the fast lane of rapid expansion. yuan Lian world, together with the surrounding areas, can be stable in three years at most. So where is the next goal? Zong Shouhu's heart moved. Think of the heavenly world. This place is really an important place. The location is also excellent, with the outer boundary river extending in all directions and choking the key points. Night Demon Clan and Shadow Demon Clan, if you want to invade the cloud world, this is not the only place to go. But it must be the first to bear the brunt. It is said that the wisest choice is to let it go first. But if you occupy here, only the business income of this heaven and earth, you can support more than three hundred yuanyi Lingshi and dozens of nerves! This means a complete big Zhou Tian Tai Shang Zhu Mo Jian Array! And at this time, there are just enough reasons, enough excuses. Only the price is to collide head-on with the night demon clan first! It's really hard to choose. Zong Shou gradually lost in thought, over there Tan Kong changed to kill Liu Muchen, no longer pay attention to other. Turning to Zong Shou, he bowed and said, “I have come here on the orders of the Holy Emperor to welcome the young Lord back to the Lu family.”. Please welcome the young master to board the train. Only then did Zong Shou wake up. He took one look at the empty chariot and shook his head. “When I am free, I will go to burn the empty holy court.”. But not now! The voice is definitely not open to question. Tan Kong seemed to be no surprise and smiled. Also did not give a word to persuade, again a ceremony way: “In that case, then according to the order of the young Lord!”! The emperor and the princess miss the young master very much. Young Lord, if you have leisure, please make the trip early. After saying that, he waved his sleeve freely and freely, and with the guard of honor, he crossed the air again. It was only a moment before it disappeared. I didn't expect that after a few years of absence, Zong Shou had become the first crown prince of the Lu family. It was not until the last graceful maid disappeared completely in the field of vision that she turned her head and talked to Zong Shou. The head of the three great families in this domain, the Lord of the Future Burning Empty. How can I look at your appearance, but you are reluctant? “It's a long story!” Zong Shou did not want to say much, and his eyes scanned around. The departure of these two big shots has left a huge mess here. But look carefully, but there is no beginning and end, he needs to deal with. Hundreds of air ship scuffles over there, already with the defeat of Jiudu Xianting, and entered the end. After Liu Muchen was killed, the ships on the side of Jiudu Xianting had no fighting spirit at all. Even the general commanding the ship division,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, who had the ability to reach the sky, was unable to save the day at this time. But at this time Shi Ruolan that little girl, estimated that should be disappointed and angry. penghuangbottle.com


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