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Shop Best Canvas Painting for Living Room

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It is time to revamp your home and your walls if they feel dull, boring and empty. Show your walls that you care, by giving them a tender touch of art. Make a striking ensemble of home decorative items and give your room the perfect style with beautiful canvas art hanging on your walls. To buy canvas art online, there are several things that you must first consider. These things range from where to hang the artwork to the color palette to opt for. So, before you buy the best canvas painting for your room, you must consider the points below.

● Location is everything: The very first thing that you must consider is the wall you need paintings for. Your choice of paintings would vary according to where you’re planning to hang them.

● Size matters: When you have figured out where to hang the painting, next consider the size of the room and the size of the painting that you want. You would advise you to go big. Large artsy pieces look stunning on every wall you hang them on.

● Mix and match your style: To enhance the ambience of the room, you must choose house decorative items that match your space well. The designs must suit your style and should reflect a version of you.

● Choose the color palette: You must decide your colour palette wisely. Choose colors that flow well and ooze grandeur in every corner. A lot of people swap wall art and house decorative items with the colours of the season — autumn, winter, spring and summer.

If you are looking forward to refurbishing the walls of your living room, then we have got you some great inspiration. Handpicked the finest paintings with vivid color palettes to grace your living room, we brought you the best wall paintings online in India. Check out the paintings below and buy canvas art online that you can’t take your eyes off.

Seven Running Horses

Astrologically designed with vibrant hues, the seven running horses painting is a masterpiece. According to Vaastu Shastra, the seven horses are known for bringing wealth and fortune to your home. This wall painting will look perfect at the entrance of any home, bringing charm to the doorstep. You must buy this canvas art online if you have a neutral shade palette as this painting is perfect to brighten your room with splashing colors.

The Abstract Blue and Gold Granite

Do you like abstract art? Then this one is the best pick for you. The abstract blue and gold granite has a charismatic touch in every stroke. A smooth blend of black, blue, grey and gold, this wall painting brings solitude to your living room. If you wish to buy wall paintings online in India, this one by Dekor Company will take place in your home against the white and blue walls. The golden detailing in the painting is what adds life to it. The subtle strokes and the golden details make the piece charm everyone looking at it.

Abstract Landscape

Wish to bring a lot of exuberance to your living room? Consider and buy canvas art online like this one by Dekor Company. This abstract painting looks exceptionally beautiful against every living room wall. An absolute eye candy, this wall painting offers a sense of creativity and vividity to your living room. It has shades of blue, green, orange and brown that gives it a premium and upscale look. To provide rigidity, the canvas is mounted on a wooden frame enclosed within a golden floater frame.

A Stroll in Paris

If you are looking for wall paintings online in India, Dekor Company is one of the best websites you must check. Their hand-painted wall art collection gives you no reason to not choose it. Recently added to this stunning collection is A Stroll in Paris painting. This exceptional art piece brings to your living room the city of love, Paris. Encapsulated with style and creativity, this painting instantly spruces up any space it is hung in. The classic finish of the painting with a golden frame makes it the right pick for your lavish living room.

Natures Color Palette

Another abstract art to grab all glances is the Nature’s colour palette painting by Dekor Company. If you have a contemporary style living room, you must buy this exceptional house decorative item. Embracing brilliance in every detail, the canvas is filled with vivid shades of green, red, blue and yellow. This colourful painting comes with an over floater frame in a gallery wrap style. If you want to buy canvas art online like this one you must visit our website NOW!

Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge

Sunsets in Brooklyn are gorgeous. But why don’t you bring a hint of this beauty to your living room? Well, here comes the Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge hand painting. Painted with captivating hues and eye-catchy details, this painting brings the romance of yachts to your room. It is a perfect pick for a contemporary style living room. The colour palette includes warm hues like red, yellow and green. Finished with a floater frame, buy canvas art online like this one and make it the focal point of your room.

So, these were our favourite hand-painted wall arts that will raise the interior quotient of your living room. If you’re looking for wall paintings online in India, these paintings by Dekor Company are some of the finest artworks you’ll ever find! For more options, explore our website and get your hands at some of our best designs.

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