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Shot Blasting Machine 

Shot blasting machine manufacturer in India. Airo Shot Blast Equipment is the leading manufacturers of shot blasting machine, shot peening, shot blasting room, shot blasting hopper, shot blasting cabinet for sale, shot blasting machine equipment, portable shot blasting machine price in India. Shot Blasting Machine price depends on the type of shot blasting machine. A Shot blasting machine is enclosed equipment designed for abrasive blasting for cleaning and preparing rough surfaces.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers

Shot Blasting Machine manufacturers specializes in Manufacturing of shot blasting machine, shot blaster & shot blasting machine in India. Shot Blasting machine are customized and slandered type portable shot blasting equipment that are used to clean the surface. We are leading Manufacturers of Portable Shot Blast Machine with various type blasting equipment like shot blasting hopper, shot blast room, sand blast Rooms, shot blasting cabinet etc. Shot blasting machines manufacturers provide wide range of shot blasting equipment for various applications to meet the requirements of different sectors. We also manufacture vibratory finishing shot blasting machine, shot blasting chambers and automated sand & portable shot blasting machine in India.

Shot Blasting Machine can be defined as a process of cleaning finishing of materials by forceful direction of an abrasive media applied either dry or suspended in a liquid medium, against the surface of the workpiece.

shot blasting process

In the shot blasting process, a stream of abrasive medium with the required kinetic energy is generated and propelled onto the surface to be treated. The stream of the cleaning agent, being a mixture of steel shots, is a dynamically variable system, involving a concentrated and dispersed zone, as revealed by numerous studies.

Type of Shot Blasting Machine

Portable shot Blasting Machine

Cabinet type shot blasting Machine

Portable shot Blasting Machine

The portable shot blasting machine essentially a finishing machine has been strongly utilized on glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, and stone. The portable shot blaster is a safe, high productivity system designed for use with a wide range of abrasive media. Its functions include descaling, peening, Deburring, Deflashing, polishing, cleaning, and stress relieving. The pressure vessels are tested to 250 psi and coded.

Portable Shot Blasting Machine further is known as Shot blasting hopper are the machines which are moveable i.e. can be transferred from one place to differ depending upon its usage. shot blasting machine price depends on the cleaning rate of the shot blasting machine.

Cabinet shot blasting Machine

Shot blasting cabinet is a different type of shot blasting machine which has a cabinet and is a closed form of the machine. In that closed portion blasting of contaminants as well as recycling of shot blasting machine grit gets the place. There are many other functions which are included like cleaning, recycling as well as the collection of dust particles too. In this shot blasting cabinets, there is a window from where the operator can see what is going on in the process; there is an opening door from where the blasting material or blasting surface is put inside the cabinet.

Shot Blasting Machine Uses

clean a surface by removing unwanted rust, scale, paint, etc., in preparation for painting, anodizing, welding, or other processes which require a clean surface;

deburr, remove tooling marks, or otherwise finish a crude product; change metallurgical properties or stress relieve a part by the peening action of multiple impactions; produce the desired matte or decorative finish;

provide an actual cutting or inscribing of partially masked parts, such as tombstones, or;

remove “flashing (excess material) from molded plastic or rubber

Shot blasting machine in India is utilized for many different purposes by foundries, shipyards, steel fabrication plants, special purpose jobs, and machine shops, gas transmission stations, steel mills, structural steel supply yards, building cleaners, wineries, breweries, canneries, rubber manufacturers, painting contractors, plastic manufacturers, welders, wood shops and furniture manufacturers, plating and anodizing shops, aircraft manufacturers, electronic manufacturers, petrochemical companies, memorial monument markers, and many others.

Other surfaces commonly treated by abrasive Shot blasting machine techniques include masonry (brick, stone, concrete, etc.), sand castings, aluminum, copper, brass, wood, glass, and plastic.

The choice of the abrasive to be utilized and the type of shot blasting equipment required to do the job depends essentially on the nature of the surface involved (including its pre-cleaned surface condition which may include being covered by paint, rust, etc.), the type of treatment desired (cleaning, deburring, etc.) and related concerns.

Shot Blasting Machine price

shot blasting machine price depends on the capacity of the abrasive tank & type of shot blasting machine. shot blasting machine manufacturer, shot blasting room, shot blasting cabinet price, portable shot blasting machine manufacturers in India. A Shot blasting machine is enclosed equipment designed for abrasive blasting for cleaning and preparing rough surfaces. we provide all portable & cabinet type of shot blasting machine for sale.


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