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Activated carbon to help remove toxins from the body, just like poison. Because of its super absorbent texture and composition, charcoal can absorb the surrounding substances and discharge them out of the body together with the waste. It is used to solve problems such as alcohol induced hangovers, food poisoning and intestinal problems, and drug overdoses.

Activated carbon is different from the toxic substances used in barbecue.https://www.coalactivatedcarbon.com It's a finer powder that can be “activated” because it's processed at high temperatures, changing its composition and making it more porous.

Activated carbon claims to act as a magnet, removing toxins and other substances from the gut, trapping them on the surface of the activated carbon, and then discharging them into the human body as waste. Not surprisingly, in the past decade, this promise of “cleaning the gut” has attracted particular attention from the health conscious community.

Now, activated carbon can also be found in natural deodorants, masks, toothpaste, etc. – claiming to reduce body odor, remove acne, whiten teeth and reduce bad breath.

When taken orally, activated carbon will not play its favorite role. Whether it is “good” or “bad” to you, activated carbon will be absorbed. After an in-depth understanding of how coconut shell activated charcoal works and looking at studies showing how it absorbs harmful substances, it's easy to see how health enthusiasts come to the conclusion – and develop marketing plans – that activated carbon can be used as a routine “cleaning.”.

As for beauty and topical self-care products, there is no publicly available evidence to support claims of whitening, brightening or odor elimination. Consumer reports of products debunk these claims here.

Don't eat it regularly – it consumes important nutrients. For example, if you take vitamins or supplements while drinking a charcoal lemonade drink or after throwing back activated charcoal pills, don't expect the health benefits of vitamins or supplements. Before you have the opportunity to absorb and process them, basic nutrients such as vitamins C and B, and even prescription drugs can be removed and released out of the body.


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