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Should Dogs Wear Socks?

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People have contradicting opinions about the topic of socks among dogs. Some believe that socks are helpful to dogs in some situations. At the same time, some think they are not as beneficial as others believe. 

Free photo portrait of cute little dog covered with scarf

Socks are effective in keeping dogs' paws warm, especially during cold days. It also keeps them from slipping when they play on smooth surfaces. Still, others believe a dog will likely slip when wearing socks since he can't grip the ground properly. Socks also protect your dog's paws from his licking and chewing habits. However, some believe socks can't stop a dog from chewing or licking. He might even subject the socks to these habits. This makes it harmful for dogs. 


You are the only one who can tell whether your dog should wear socks. Assess the pros and cons that it might give, or better yet, consult your vet Carmel Valley. He will enlighten your mind about any questions you may have.


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