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With multiple frameworks and tools to the disposal of developers and designers, There comes a point when they need to select which particular tool suits them for the development and design of applications. technology used to provide multiple benefits and tools required for development, as it helps to create innovative and new apps for the masses. 

 With main contenders like react native and flutter being in the market for developing hybrid and mobile apps, it can be quite daunting for the developer to select the right tool for them.

In this article we will share some insights regarding mobiles flutter is the right choice for developing mobile applications. Should startup companies develop web and mobile applications using flutter if something that we will answer today in this article.Easy to Learn

Flutter is an easy to learn tool that makes use of the Dart language. the Dart language is similar to JavaScript and it imports many different features and functions from this language. Anyone having prior experience of some knowledge in JavaScript will be easily able to use that language to develop mobile apps on. 

Dart language makes it easy for developers and programmers to develop apps on putting efforts for the overall development of the app. If developers have prior experience in programming and development then they will be easily able to master the flutter tool and use Dart language for designing and development of applications.

Cost Effective Development You see the amount that it takes to develop a native app using native Technologies like Swift and Kotlin takes a significant amount of time and resources as well as efforts to come up with an app. On the other hand, to compare the amount of time taken to develop a flutter app, it is really the one third amount of efforts and time that will be invested by developers and designers. because of this reason developing mobile apps using flutter is an effective way towards Mobile App Development as it is able to drastically reduce the amount of efforts being put by developers and designers.Single Code Base

Using a single code base developers and programmers can develop apps easily and efficiently using the flutter tool and applying the dart language to it. Because of single code base feature developers do not have to write in two separate files or create different apps for different platforms. This feature allows developers to code into a file and generate two different apps that are the lookalike or clone of each other and run well on the Android and IOS platform. 

Develop for multiple Platform

Flutter enables you to develop for platforms like iOS and Android and similar to native features to develop and design various mobile apps on. The ability to develop for multiple platforms has now been provided to developers and designers through the use of the tool Flutter. This enables Developers to save time and resources and performs cost effective development for app development is concerned. 

Startups are looking for an effective technology that would help them to minimise the amount of resources being put for app development as well as decrease  the overall cost of the APP being produced. The ability to produce apps for multiple platforms such as Android and IOS has been imparted by flutter to developers and designers.

Hot Reload

The hot reload feature allows developers and designers to rapidly see changes done to the code without having to recompile the code for the application. All of the code changes that are done directly visible in the application because of this real time processing feature. Hot reload enables developers to save valuable time and resources that would otherwise have been wasted in recompiling the application. This enables developers to have maximum productivity and efficiency during development.

Great Community support

Even though Flutter is still your technology, Google is ensure that we provide great community support to its users. Any developer or designer having queries or questions about Flutter App Development can usually post their questions in the community forums and get their queries answered.

It takes a span of about 24 hours to get their queries answered and the resolution being delivered to the concerned developer. This is an effective way to exchange knowledge as well solve all doubts and queries related to the developer.

Excellent Documentation

Google has ensured to provide excellent documentation for Flutter users which can be used for my developers and designers. All of the concepts and topics are clearly explained with the help of examples with the developers and designers can use in their app development endeavors. 

Easy Maintenance and Testing

Flutter apps are designed in a way that it provides efficient testing and quality assurance services. Developers and designers are able to test their apps early to ensure the best quality development being done for their apps. The amount of effort required for footing maintenance activities compared to native apps are less in nature. It becomes extremely easy for testers to test their applications being designed in flutter.


Startups perform a lot of activities to ensure successful apps development. Therefore with the amount of features that we have get using flutter, it is evident for startups to use tools like flutter to their advantage. We have listed down the various reasons that we think should compel startups to use flutter to develop mobile apps. 

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