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Customizing a gaming PC is pretty common. In fact, you probably know a few friends who have built their own PCs or have even customized your own. But did you know you can customize a laptop too?

Laptops have evolved over the years and most can support gaming whether you’re competing in ranked VALORANT matches or exploring an open world online. And just like PCs, laptops can be customized for an even better gaming experience. There are a few differences, however.

Is it possible to build a custom gaming laptop?

The short answer is: Yes.

Customizing a gaming laptop is definitely possible, especially for people with the right parts and know-how. But this project can be a bit more complex than you may have initially believed since there are not many ready-to-use laptop parts in computer stores. The amount of customization is also limited compared to PCs.

Still, a gaming laptop can be customized to have a better screen and faster storage while still remaining portable.

What can be customized in a gaming laptop?
Laptop hardware is pretty difficult to come across, especially the casing itself and the motherboard. But there are a few parts you may be able to find if you dig around enough online or at local hardware stores.

RAM: While not all RAMs are compatible with all motherboards, you can still find the type of RAM and the frequency supported.
Storage: Laptops can have a hard drive, an SSD, or both. These are easy to replace as well.
Networking: There are expensive WiFi cards out there that are lightning fast but you can also opt for a standard one at a lower cost.
Battery: If you want your laptop to last longer, you can add some strong batteries.
CPU and GPU: These will depend on the laptop’s motherboard, since some don’t allow for replacements.

Due to the lack of customization options — especially if you can’t find any parts — building your own laptop from scratch can be quite difficult (although definitely possible). Some people opt to modify an OEM build or order a custom laptop directly from their chosen brand.

Is It better to buy a custom laptop?
This is most likely the best option in many cases. Instead of scrounging for parts and working with the laptop’s existing parts, you can save time and resources by getting it custom built online. This will also avoid the confusion of using certain tools and devices to build the laptop yourself, which comes with many challenges.

At Cybertron International, for example, there are a few laptops that can be significantly customized. One model is the Osiris 17 Gaming Laptop. When you get a custom gaming laptop directly from CLX, you don’t have to worry about digging around for parts or taking apart your laptop. Here’s what you can customize:

● Processor
● Memory
● Graphics card
● Operating system storage
● Secondary storage
● Network connectivity
● Keyboard
● Mouse
● Speakers
● Display
● Webcam
● Operating system
● Power protection
● USB flash drives

This level of customization is unheard of if you purchase a gaming laptop and attempt to change it up yourself. If you’re looking to fully customize a gaming laptop to fit your specific performance needs, you’ll probably want to stick to ordering a custom laptop to avoid searching for parts and running into limitations.

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