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Almost everyone is going organic. The reason is plain and simple. In the age of adulterated food, many are turning to healthier alternatives when it comes to diet. Eating organic outweighs the many disadvantages that generally come from consuming products containing a high number of pesticides. If you are conscious about your health, it makes sense to buy products that are grown organically.

While it is fine to go organic, the issue is finding the right source. Of course, you will come across plenty of options. But keeping your needs and preferences, it makes sense to go online. For instance, if you wish to buy organic raw cacao nibs, make sure to shop online. The best part is you can place an order right from the comfort of your home or office. Besides, the items are shipped directly to your doorstep. In short, you end up saving precious time and money. 

Why Buy Online?

There are several merits of buying the products from a trusted online platform like Viva Pura. More so because of the convenience and flexibility. Other than these, some of the finer points are listed right below: 

  • The raw, organic ceremonial grade cacao nibs are made from the Arriba Nacional variety of cacao beans. Purchasing the products online generally means you will get access to high-quality products. 
  • More importantly, the raw cacao nibs are grown on native soils that don’t use any chemicals or pesticides. 
  • Dried under 118 degrees, the cacao ribs have a low fermentation. 
  • The crunch taste is something that makes this product truly one of a kind. 
  • Moreover, the pricing too is convenient and doesn’t necessarily hurt your budget much. 

Advantages of Buying Organic Raw Cashew Butter Online

Like raw organic cacao nibs, you can also buy organic raw cashew butter online from Viva Pura. The hand-crafted butter has a sweet and creamy taste. As the name suggests, the butter is made from raw cashew nuts instead of roasted. Since the cashews are neither boiled, scorched, nor steamed, they retain all the essential nutrients. Moreover, the manufacturing process is devoid of any machinery, and all the cashews are shelled by hand. Since the product is stone-grinded, the end-product made available is of the highest quality. 

So, if you are interested and want this product, it makes perfect sense to shop online. At least, this way, you will have the assurance of getting something that lives up to your expectation. 


When you buy organic raw cacao nibs and cashew butter online, it also means you are looking at products that are meant to promote your health and wellness. Overall, the emphasis is purely on getting products that benefit you in the long run. Suffice to say; it is a logical step to buy raw and organic cacao nibs and cashew butter from an online store. It saves your time and, to a large extent, offers greater flexibility in terms of options. All you have to do is to pick the right choice.



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