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Fragrances have always been associated with the humane sense of smell. So, it may seem to some people that buying fragrances online is foolish. They argue that spending money on a scent that you do not even know does not make any sense. To be fair, it is a pretty strong argument. This particular set of people like to smell the scent before they choose it for their signature perfume or scent.

Why take a chance on a random fragrance? 

If you are buying an unfamiliar fragrance, I would recommend finding about the identity of the perfumer who created it. As you might have observed, true artists always keep an individual and very distinctive style or signature. So, If you loved one scent from a particular fragrance house, it is highly likely that taking a chance on other fragrances from the same house would be worth it. Give it a go and order a sample. Not all, but some brands offer that luxury to sample the fragrance that you would be buying afterwards.

According to James Carven, a perfume Archivist, “Obviously it is always going to be better to smell a fragrance before buying it and, if you can order a sample, I would always recommend you do so, but if you can not, buying online can still be successful”.

Why go online to buy?

But once you have chosen your signature perfume, it is wise to buy all of your fragrances online. For starters, you get amazing jaw dropping deals and discounts when buying online. You can save money or get cashback. You can use gift cards and coupons. The spectrum of your options widen up when you go online for purchase of something. Even luxury brands are selling online. They want their customers to get the best services that are offered in the market.

The argument:

I believe that a fragrance is like a colour. You can have your favourite fragrance but a colourful person would always love to have a variety and collection of fragrances. Wearing a new deodorant everyday can have a positive aspect as well as a negative one. To be on the positive side, we can say that a new fragrance can make you feel confident and fresh. You can escape the ordinary and quit the mundane smell you would be wearing otherwise. People are likely to notice that. People who love to be the centre of attention should try this little trick. If we come to think about the negative aspect of using multiple fragrances, we can come out with some fair arguments too.

A famous actor says, “A good fragrance will last and is an important statement about your personality”. It is true actually. A fragrance has the ability to empower the impression you leave. Your audience notes and remembers the scent you bring around with your aura. If you keep changing that sort of impression everyday, it does not remain special anymore. You lose that touch of uniqueness otherwise.

The argument is in front of you. You are the one to decide. It is upon you to decide whether you want to go with a special signature fragrance or have a wide collection of fragrances to feel more alive.


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