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Do you like to tuck your shirt into your jeans? It’s not always the easiest look to pull off because it’s not as simple as tucking your shirt in and heading out the door. You have to consider the type of shirt you’re wearing, the rise of your jeans, and how the look flatters your figure. Tucking your shirt into your jeans has more to do with the outfit as a whole and how the different pieces work together. So, if you’re thinking about tucking your shirt into your jeans, ask yourself the following questions.

How Important Is the Rise?

When you want to wear your shirt tucked into your jeans, the rise of your jeans impacts how your entire outfit looks. Jeans look very different depending on the rise, and while low-rise jeans are coming back in style, they don’t always work well with a tucked-in shirt. If you like tucking your shirt into your jeans, stick to mid-rise and high-rise jeans.

Mid-rise and high-rise jeans offer a flattering fit that rests closer to your waist. They can help elongate the look of your legs when you tuck your shirt in. You can pair the kind of high-rise boot jeans women love wearing for casual outings with a woven tank top that has crochet details. Tuck the hem of the top fully into your jeans. It’s a cute and flattering fit for summer.

Should You Wear a Certain Kind of Top?

Different tops suit a tucked-in style better than others. You probably won’t want to wear anything too bulky if you’re going to tuck your top into your jeans. While you might get away with thinner sweaters, a chunky knit sweater may not flatter your figure if it’s tucked into high-rise or mid-rise jeans. Though, this look could work with a denim midi skirt in the right setting.

Instead, think of lightweight woven blouses and basic knit tees. Woven blouses with embroidery or crochet can elevate your look, even if you wear them tucked into some girlfriend jeans. If you’re new to styling tucked-in tops, try a plain white tee tucked into some fun embroidered jeans. It’s the perfect look for coffee shop dates, errands, and weekends at home.

How Well Does It Flatter Your Figure?

When you find the right outfit to flatter your figure, tucking your shirt in just looks amazing. All it takes is finding the right styles that work for your shape. Look for a few high-quality pairs of jeans with a modern fit to ensure your tucked-in look really works for you and your wardrobe.

When you find a pair of jeans with a great design, your favorite tucked-in looks come together effortlessly. Search for a casual denim lifestyle brand offering exclusive fit technology to flatter a woman’s natural shape. You can find jeans with tummy-smoothing mesh panels, a “no-gap” elastic waistband, and strategically placed back pockets to ensure you look great anytime you tuck in your shirt.

This look goes in and out of style like waves on the beach. If you love it, tuck your shirt into your jeans to your heart’s content—whether that’s just a front tuck or fully tucking the hem of your shirt into your waistband.

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