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Everybody tends to upgrade their device once a new and better product comes to the market. One such dilemma is about making a choice between the GTS and Amazfit GTS 2, the original and upgraded model respectively.

For some people, the goal is pretty simple. Get an upgraded model if you want to enjoy all the additional features and perks that come along. While, some people only desire classic features like activity tracking, which is also available on the original GTS model. Thus, you can save yourself a few bucks and invest it in a better place.

The big question is, is it even worth upgrading from the original GTS smartwatch model to an upgraded Amazfit GTS 2? Well, to get your answer to the same, read everything about the two smartwatches mentioned below.

What New is Offered by the Amazfit GTS 2?

It is quite hard to figure out the difference between the GTS base and upgraded model in one glance. However, if you notice closely, the body of the new GTS 2 is made of aluminium alloy and a plastic bottom. The older model featured a plastic body.

The display of the two smartwatches is the same AMOLED 1.65-inches screen and weighs almost the same. Additionally, you receive a battery that lasts up to seven days on a single charge.

Notably, the company has released another product named GTS 2 Mini, which is similar to the GTS 2. The only difference is the display size which is 0.1-inches smaller, cheaper, and lacks features such as music storage and an in-built mic.

If you already own the original model of Amazfit GTS, you must be familiar that it’s a great health tracking device. However, now with the launch of GTS 2, you’ll get an improved experience and better features, including the 2 PPG optical sensor. Therefore, you can monitor your heart rate right after working out, get detailed insights, and keep a check on the blood-oxygen assessment.

The new sensor of the GTS 2 also monitors stress. Not only this, but it includes up to ninety fitness modes, some of which are automatically tracked.

In case you didn’t like the original model of Amazfit GTS, the new GTS 2 won’t disappoint you at all. The music storage feature enables you to listen to music, without worrying about needing your phone for the same. Also, it stores up to 3GB of music, which means 300-600 songs, as per their file size.

Additionally, the device is perfect for the ones who rely upon Bluetooth connection for taking calls. Its built-in mic/speaker tech is a convenient option for calls without taking out your phone over and over.

About Amazfit GTS

Looking at innumerable upgrades offered by the new Amazfit GTS 2, the original model seems very basic. However, if you’re only focused on tracking your health and activity, it isone perfect device for you.

The highlight of using the older GTS model is its reliable battery life, which runs much longer than GTS 2. Charging for only about two hours, GTS can run up to fourteen days, while GTS 2 can run up for seven days.

Moreover, the GTS original model consists of a sleep tracking feature, enables heart-rate monitoring, and twelve activity modes. Also, you’re notified whenever your heart-rate is fluctuating.

Is it Worth to Upgrade from Amazfit GTS to GTS 2?

Well, it is not difficult to decide between the two if you have clarity about the features you need. If you’re getting a health tracker for the first time and don’t want to spend much, Amazfit GTS is perfect to use. However, if you already own one and are looking forward to using more advanced features, Amazfit GTS 2 is the one for you.

Assuming that you might have made a decision by now, check for the best deals online to get your hands on the incredible devices before they run out of stock.

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Source : Should You Upgrade from GTS to Amazfit GTS 2?



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