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Although your loved one might complain of chills Pandemic Survival Review , keeping them warm – even though that's instinctive – will increase the fever. Take off as many clothes as possible, including bedclothes. Be prepared for them to complain bitterly about this. The reason they are cold, however, is because of the heat generated by fever. Fevers over 103F can be dangerous, so keep them as cool as possible.

While you're waiting for the doctor to arrive, put your loved one in a cool bath, or rub them down gently with a cool flannel to help bring down their temperature if it's over 103F. They will probably complain about the bath being cold. Don't let their hair get wet, or leave them in the bath too long – this is simply to control temperature, so 10 minutes tops is enough. If this doesn't work they should probably be in hospital.

If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, body aches and a lack of energy, do not rule out Lyme disease, even if you do not live in the Northeast. Lyme Disease was first discovered in Lyme, Connecticut in 1975, but it is one of the most rapidly growing infectious diseases. It has now made its way into Canada where people need to be more aware of what to look for in order to get the proper treatment.

Lyme disease is most concentrated in the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, South Atlantic, Great Lake and West coast regions of the United States. Controversy is arising as cases occurring in Canada are not being recognized as Lyme disease. This is shocking since American physicians have been diagnosing the disease since the eighties. One would think Canada would be more aware.



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