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Should Your Business Be Hiring Security Guards?

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If your business deals with critical information, handles large sums of money on a regular basis or is particularly vulnerable to criminal acts of any kind (and for any number of reasons), then having a strong security guard presence would be highly recommended.

Should your business feature anywhere in the list below and you don’t already have security guards to protect it, perhaps now is the time to hire them?

Construction sites

Unattended construction sites are extremely vulnerable to theft and vandalism, not to mention the fact that they can be dangerous places if heavy machinery and equipment is left out in the open, with little protection.

Health care centers

With members of the public constantly streaming in and out of healthcare facilities, and large swathes of critical and sensitive information in the databases, these facilities are always susceptible to crime for which the public deserve protection from. Not only are the patients, visitors, employees and healthcare workers at risk, though, but with critical and costly medical equipment on site at all times, these facilities risk having such lifesaving items stolen.

Retail and wholesale establishments

Large orders of expensive or easily stolen and sold on items, make these sorts of premises very vulnerable to theft and vandalism, and only a constant security presence will deter the most determined of criminals.

Banks and other financial institutions

Having to protect customer data, store large amounts of cash and keep both employees and customers safe, banks and other types of financial institutions have a lot of responsibility to uphold; something that is made a whole lot easier with a round the clock security guard presence, and security patrols as and when appropriate.

Hotels and vacation resorts

Hotels can be vulnerable to crime for a whole host of reasons, not least for the theft of items belonging to guests. Lone travelers, groups of females and seniors are all easy targets for criminals looking to steal, harm or terrorize people who may have let their guard down due to being on vacation, and protecting them whenever they are on or near the hotel or resort, is imperative for their safety and enjoyment.


Some museums contain exceptionally priceless or uniquely expensive items that thieves would love to get their gloved hands on, and with visitors coming in and out at will, keeping tabs on everyone who walks through the doors, is a necessity to prevent theft or vandalism of valuable collections.

Residential communities

Even gated communities can become victims of crime, and it often isn’t enough to simply station one sedentary security guard at the gates, and expect them to be able to monitor every person who enters the community. Patrolling guards are a must for many residential communities, and even K9 units have known to be extremely effective in warding off criminal attacks and keeping anyone without the right to enter the community, from gaining unlawful access.

To be honest, the majority of medium and large scale businesses will have security needs of some description, and if you haven’t already addressed them, perhaps you should do so before your business falls victim to crime.

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