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Side effects of Lexapro –Do you feel depressed after taking an antidepressant?

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The first-line therapy for depression is SSRI medication. One of the antidepressants from the SSRI medication class is Lexapro. The pharmaceutical firms H. Lundbeck A/S and Forest Laboratories Inc. jointly created the drug Lexapro in 1997. Lexapro received American Food and Drug Administration approval in 2002. (FDA).

Adults above the age of 12 who suffer from anxiety and depression disorders are treated with Lexapro. The amount of serotonin in the brain and nerves is balanced by Lexapro. Like many other drugs, Lexapro also has potentially fatal adverse effects, but not everyone who takes it does.

Dry mouth, loss of appetite, fatigue, sleepiness, increased muscular movements, nausea, painful urination, decreased sex desire, nose bleed, and increased perspiration are some of the frequent adverse effects of Lexapro. Despite the severity of these Lexapro adverse effects, they are not regarded as fatal. However, the most lethal side effects of Lexapro, which resulted in several lawsuits against Forest Laboratories Inc., are the birth defect and the idea that causes individuals to commit suicide after taking it.

Claims made against Forest Laboratories contend that the drug's maker neglected to inform consumers about Lexapro's negative effects. Researchers discovered that the manufacturer of the risky medicine Lexapro was aware of the potential for birth malformations but decided to withhold this information from the general audience.

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