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Keeping cows can be both profitable and rewarding, but it’s also a big responsibility. Part of that means keep a close eye on your herd’s health and wellness. While you’ll definitely want to do some heavy reading on this, there are some basics to look for.

Eyes: Cows should have clear, bright eyes. Eyes that look glazed, red, watery, or sunken can be a sign of illness.

Breathing Difficulty: Coughing, wheezing, gasping, and short or raspy breath are all indications that something is wrong.

Lethargy: Cows should be alert and responsive, and move around in response to stimuli.

Isolation: Bovines are herd animals by nature. A cow that is off by themselves may very well be ill.

Unusual Posture: Cows should not be standing or laying in a strange, hunched over position.

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