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Having a properly functioning insulation is a necessity for every home. Now, the efficiency of the system not only depends on the material that you are using but also on how well you are installing the system. Now, if you are in Beverly Hills and you are looking to install or upgrade your system. You would need to get in touch with professional company. Most of the Beverly Hills Insulation company would help you to install all kinds of insulation. But as a homeowner, you would need to check whether the system is properly installed or not. In this article, we would talk about some of the most common signs that tell you that your home insulation is not properly installed.

Touch the Walls: When the temperature starts to dip, you can simply walk around the home and simply touch the walls. If they feel moist or colder than the room temperature, then that means that it is installed the way it should be. In such cases, the air would get cooler and your heater would have to work overtime to compensate for that. Needless to say, this means higher bills.

Presence of Drafts: Do you feel any cold draft of air in your home, then that might mean that hot air is not getting trapped within the layers of insulation, and cold air is moving in from the outside to take its place. This is a major issue with improperly installed insulation.

Look for Molds: If you have mold or mildew growth in parts of your home, then that is a big sign that there is something wrong with your insulation. Most types of insulation, when exposed to moisture, quickly develop mold. Molds create a lot of health issues. This is why it is necessary to get in touch with a professional insulation company and get the work done right in the first time.

Moisture buildup:When you are getting moisture buildup, that means air from outside are making its way from the outside. If you are seeing moisture then you would need to get in touch with an insulation contractor in your area and get the work done faster and in an efficient way.

Check for Holes: Is the air leaking from your exterior wall? Now, this might not be an issue with the way insulation is installed. There might be other causes as well. You need to get it fixed as that would enhance the efficiency of the insulation

Presence of Rodents: You would need to check for the presence of rodents, pests and bugs. If they are coming from the outside, then there might be cracks from where they are entering. This might be due to gaps in insulation which might be there due to improper insulation.

 If you find one or more of the symptoms, then you should contact experienced Beverly Hills insulation contractors and use their expertise to make of the most of the insulation material.


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