A strata management is a person or company that manages the common property of a strata corporation. The responsibilities of the strata management are to manage the financials, provide insurance coverage, and maintain the building exterior. You can easily find out what responsibilities are upon a strata manager by getting a strata inspection in Sydney before you even decide on purchasing a unit.

Adelaide strata management company advises that if you feel your current strata manager is not carrying out their duties, you should refer back to your strata report to check what was initially outlined. Some signs that your strata managements needs improvements include: missing minutes from meetings, not attending meetings in person (only through phone), slow response time when there is an issue with property maintenance (such as graffiti on walls). When you find out that your current strata management need improvement then it may be best to change them right away.

Here are some common issues that may indicate that a new manager is required for the strata scheme.

  • The laundry facilities are always closed on the weekends – Laundry facilities are an important need for a strata unit. The laundry facilities should be open on weekends and evenings because not everyone has the time to do their laundry during weekday hours. So, if they are always closed on the weekends then there must be another reason behind it than just providing convenience for residents who don't have much time to spare?
  • Your strata council is all about making money and doesn't take into account what you want – The strata owners council is the governing body of a strata scheme or building. They are responsible for making decisions that affect the whole building or complex. One thing they need to do is take care of problems with your property, including fixing things like leaky faucets and broken air conditioners. These councils also have an important role in enforcing bylaws (which might include rules about use), maintaining common property (like hallways) and collecting strata fees from owners who don't pay on time. If you feel that your council are not making an adequate effort to rectify problems, then it could mean that they are looking more at the profit and not the people. If they are not doing their job, you might notice that repairs aren't being done, the bylaws aren't enforced and common property isn't maintained. You also might find out if your strata council is looking after things because other owners tell you, or because there have been a lot of complaints. All these details will be available in a strata report in Sydney given by a professional inspector.
  • There is no recycling in your building – Recycling is also another important way to help the environment and should be included in all such schemes. When you recycle, less trash ends up in landfills and this means that we can contribute towards saving the earth's natural resources such as water and energy.
  • Pets aren't allowed, but there's a dog barking for hours every day outside your window – This is a violation of the bylaws in most buildings. If you and other owners are affected, then it may be time to ask for a change in strata management. A quick way to find out if this is an issue that needs to be addressed with the board or new strata managers is if there has been lots of complaints filed against them from residents who live within the building. You can also try sending an email directly inquiring about pet policy, ask whether pets are allowed so long as they don't create excessive noise; make sure that you mention any barking dogs nearby when writing your inquiry email.
  • When you enter the building, there are always people loitering around – Strangers loitering within a strata scheme can sometimes be a sign that the strata management are not providing adequate security. There should always be signs posted to warn people about this as well as regular patrols of guards within the building itself. One way of checking if there is an inadequate level of security in your building is by looking at how many strangers seem to visit it regularly, during all times of the day and night. If you notice any unfamiliar faces going into or around the property then speak with your board members about what they will do to increase their levels of security for everyone who lives on site. Make sure that you also mention anything strange like activity from panhandlers or drug dealers.
  • The elevators are constantly broken and it takes a long time for them to be repaired – If you live in a multi-storey strata scheme, then having a working elevator is essential. Unfortunately, if your elevators are constantly broken down then this can be a nightmare for residents. This could happen due to wear and tear, or an accident that damages the elevator beyond repair. If you notice any safety issues with your building such as people travelling in cars between floors on ramps or staircases, it is important to bring these matters up with the strata board. You may need new lifts installed so that everyone has quick access to their home every day of the week.
  • There is never any parking on the street because all of the spots are taken by other residents – Parking space is a right that every person should be entitled to. If you find that your street is constantly filled with cars, it may be time for the strata council to rent a parking lot or allocate more parking spots in the complex.
  • The garbage bins overflow with trash and waste from tenants who don't know how to separate their garbage properly – Overflowing garbage bins is not only a health hazard, but it is also a fire hazard. If you live in a building with more than one level, the garbage bins should be on every floor so that they can't overflow as easily and quickly.
  • Your strata management does not respond in a timely manner when contacted about an issue or concern you have raised with them – Strata management is responsible for the upkeep of the units, and if they are not responding to complaints in a timely manner, it's probably because they don't have the time or resources to do so. It could also mean that maybe there are just too many concerns for them to manage and therefore cannot provide a quick response. If this is what happened then your strata management might be ineffective.
  • You find that your home has been damaged beyond repair due to lack of maintenance work done by the strata managers – Regular maintenance of these units is very important in order to keep them in a condition suitable for living. If the management have not been carrying out regular maintenance work, then the unit is likely to be damaged beyond repair. This can happen when they do not maintain or replace items like plumbing and electrical wiring that has been worn out due to age or use. This also means that some of your fixtures such as toilets may no longer work properly either, because they have been neglected for too long. Even if you live in a new building, regular maintenance helps preserve it from external forces which might otherwise damage your home even before you move into it!

These are just some of the issues that could indicate that a change in your strata management is absolutely necessary


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