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Silkscreen Printing Process and its Advantages

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I believe everyone is familiar with the custom lanyards. Whether it is the mobile phone lanyards in ordinary life or the work card custom lanyards in work, the custom lanyards are widely used.

Do you know the manufacturing printing process of custom lanyards?

This article will take you to know the characteristics of the silkscreen printing process in custom lanyards and some essential differences between it and other printing processes.

The characteristics of silkscreen printing custom lanyards: simple, easy, labor-saving, clear and exquisite pictures and gorgeous colors, but they need technology and tools, and the printing effect is not ideal. The printed products are basically the same. The manufacturers of custom lanyards believe that if the technology is relatively better, the dye-sublimated printing will be better.

There is also the definition of silkscreen printing: making words, framing, painting, and drying;

If it is dye-sublimated printing, the process is: drawing repair, drawing printing, machine commissioning, printing, and drying; If it is convenient, silkscreen printing is more appropriate, but in the long run, the quality and fashion of dye-sublimated custom lanyards are more appropriate.  The principle is to print on the paper with special ink easy to sublimate, and then sublimate and transfer it to the fabric through heating. There will be no decolorization when it is made by this method.

The above are some basic knowledge about the silkscreen printing process of custom lanyards and its comparison with other manufacturing processes. 


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