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Silver bullion by argor Heraeus is a perfect choice to invest

For thousands of years, silver has been regarded as a precious metal and a valuable asset all across the world. The eastern side of Mount Davidson, a mountain in Nevada's Virginia Range, was the site of the country's first silver discovery in 1859. The huge silver lode, known as the Comstock Lode, was worked up until the 1920s. Today, thousands of years after ancient cultures first learned about this priceless metal, more than 880 million troy ounces of silver are mined annually.

One of the top refiners of precious metals in the world is Argor-Heraeus. Founded in 1951, the Swiss-based company is known for producing gold bullion, silver and platinum bars and coins of the highest quality. Argor Heraeus also provides services such as refining and assaying of gold bar and other precious metals, as well as storage and transport of precious metals. The company is committed to sustainability, operating in accordance with the highest environmental and ethical standards in the industry. With its use of innovative technologies and commitment to excellence, Argor-Heraeus has become a trusted name in the international precious metals industry.

Silver bull can be purchased in a medium-sized, cost-effective way with Argor-1 Heraeus's kilo silver bars. Each bar is examined to guarantee that it weighs a full kilo and contains at least 99.9% pure silver. These 1 kilo silver bars are a more affordable way to invest in silver than smaller products because they typically have a lower premium than 1 oz coins and rounds. These 1 kg silver bars are small enough to be carried, stacked, and stored with ease.

To ensure their safety during shipping, each bar is delivered in its own protective wrapping. Each bar will be delivered in brand-new condition as a result. Molten silver is poured into a cast or mould to form cast silver bars. It is weighed to confirm that it contains the precise amount of silver once it has cooled and solidified. The mint's logo, purity, weight, and serial number are then stamped on the bar. Cast bars have a somewhat matte surface rather than being as shiny as minted bars. The fact that no two cast bars are exactly alike is one of their characteristics.

If you've decided to invest in silver as your precious metal of choice, you may be wondering why it's better to buy silver bars rather than Canadian silver coins. Your choice to invest in silver bars rather than silver coins is supported by three important factors.


Silver bars have higher purity levels and cheaper premiums than silver coins, although being less aesthetically beautiful. As a result, you can buy more silver bars than coins for the same amount of money, with the exception of large format silver coins.


Silver bars, in contrast to silver coins, have reportedly never been tarnished when properly stored.

Storage simplicity

If a safe storage location needs to be taken into account, silver bars are less expensive to store because they require less room. Silver bars are the best option for private collections as a result. After deciding to acquire silver bars, the following considerations are what kind, size, and weight of silver bars to get.


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