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With the aim of improving balance and promoting strength, the senior citizen exercises detailed below are designed to encourage stay-fit routines during the home quarantine. It is certainly a good idea not to try these exercises on your own, just in case you develop a muscle catch or backache all of a sudden. A family member being present means you have safety and support when you start to exercise at home.

1. Heel to Toe ‘Walk’

This intentional and deliberate style of walking teaches you optimal body balance.

  • This exercise ensures that your legs get stronger over a period of time.
  • Your walking should not strident, but somewhat awkward and tight; intentionally so.
  • Place your right foot precisely in front of your left. Align the heel and toe.
  • Now shift: left goes exactly before right. Align the heel and toe.
  • Notice the strain on your heel as you shift and then your toes after landing. That means you’re doing it right.
  • Now walk. Walk like this for 15-20 steps, and you’re done.

2. Balancing Act /w Palms

It is not as risqué as it sounds; most senior citizens can do this sitting down.

  • Get a cane or long stick; a broom handle without the head will work.
  • Hold one end of the stick and balance it on your palm at the base, like a circus performer.
  • Keep the stick upright for as long as you can manage it.
  • This exercise is intended to improve balance in your body.
  • Don’t forget to perform the exercise on your other palm as well.

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3. Feet Lift /w Chair 

This is a ridiculously simple exercise, and most ideal for senior citizens who feel tired and desire rest during this COVID-19 Lockdown.

  • Get a solid-standing chair, not the wheeled or rocking variety.
  • Face the back of the chair and grip it.
  • Lift one of your feet, throw your balance on the other foot, let go of the chair, keep balancing for as long as you can.
  • Repeat by balancing on the other foot.
  • Your time-challenge can be a minimum of one minute for each foot lift.
  • This exercise improves core balance.

4. Shoulder Groove

It’s almost like a dance, but with an exercise angle.

  • It is preferable to do it standing up, but sitting down to perform, it is no big deal either.
  • Start by rotating your shoulders full circle. Push up to the ceiling, front all the way, down with a slump, and back with a push.
  • Return your arm to its original relaxed position. Start rotating your other arm now.
  • Change the rhythm of things by rotating back to front; up, back, down, front.
  • Remember not to pause during rotations, just keep it rolling smooth and steady.

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As simple exercises go, the above are great ideas to implement during the coronavirus lockdown. They’re all safe, effective, and designed to promote balance in the bodies of senior men and women. These exercises lend new meaning to the recently oft-quoted phrase ‘stay home, stay safe.’ Suffice to say that once the Lockdown has been lifted, you’ll believe that social distancing never felt this good.

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