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Restoring your old guitar is not difficult. You have to follow simple steps. Regular maintenance will guarantee that your acoustic guitar has a long life span. You have to ensure that you use your guitar well so it does not get damaged

Minor repairs can be done as your DIY task. You can look around for an acoustic guitar restoration guide online. You can also get in touch with guitar professionals for more details on the process to restore your old acoustic guitar.

Restoration can also help improve the performance of the guitar. You don’t have to consider replacing your old guitar.

Check with basics

To get started you need to inspect the basics. This refers t the condition of the guitar. You have to get familiar with the overall condition – strings, setup, and shine. Dirt and debris have to be cleaned using a dry cotton cloth.

Avoid using a wet cloth to clean the external body and strings of the guitar.

Identify minor cracks

Big cracks are easily visible, but these are rare. In most cases, the guitar will develop minor cracks that are not easily visible. You can use a high power lens to locate small cracks. These can develop on the bridge and neck of the guitar.

If the guitar has cracks developed, then it is better to consult an expert guitar technician to get it repaired. The cracks have to be filled in using a filler substance. Sanding is one of the best ways to treat cracks.

Check for loose parts

You are using your guitar very often. In many cases, your guitar is also used by many other musicians. So it can have loose parts. Over some time, these parts have to be tightened. Loose parts can include brass rod, truss, mount strap, and tuning parts.

In each case, you may have to use simple tools to tighten the loose parts. You can also make use of self-adhesive clamps if the parts are not in good condition.

Check for dirt on the inner surface

Dust can also accumulate on the inner side of the guitar. If the dust is not cleaned, then the sound of the guitar is affected. You have to ensure the guitar is cleaned from both outside and inside. Avoid using any type of liquid when cleaning the guitar.


The Fretboard is important to maintain. You may have to be slightly technical when performing this task on your own. if you are new then it is better to hire an expert guitar repairs service. In most cases, steel wool is the best option, but not always.

The task of self-maintaining acoustic guitar in top condition is not easy. If your guitar is expensive, then you should never take chances to carry out a DIY task.


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