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Simple steps to verify your identity on Cash App

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To Verify Cash App Account – Open Cash App and go to your profile section. Enter your last four SSNs along with your full legal name and your date of birth. Provide your government-approved ID Cards and follow the on-screen prompts to complete your Cash App verification process.

When you verify your Cash App account you’re proving that you own the financial details added to your account.

Continue reading for a step-by-step guide to verifying your Cash App account.

Looking to increase your Cash App transaction limit? In this article, we will show you exactly how To Verify your Identity on Cash App with the 5 step verification process.

In this article, you will get to know the easy steps how to verify Cash App and some more information related to Cash App. A verification tick on the user’s $Cashtag means that the account of the user is completely verified.

The badge can be seen next to the $Cashtags and it is seen in the profile view of the account. It can also be seen in the inactivity view in search results which is next to the account name. If your sending or receiving limit is reached, it will automatically ask for identity verification.

Note: To verify your Cash App identity, you need to be above 18 years of age and it requires you to submit your full legal name, your date of birth, and the last four numbers of your social security number.

How $Cashtag get verified when you verify Cash App?

If the account is of a celebrity or it’s a global brand then the account may get verified. Right now, at the moment we are not approving or accepting verifications requests for $Cashtags.

If you have a verified account and you change your $Cashtag, email id, or phone number then the verification badge will disappear and you need to get it rechecked.

In the beginning, you can transfer £250 within a week and receive £1000 within a week and if you try to send or receive more than the limit

Then you have to check the detail of your accounts like your full name, D.O.B, and billing address for security reasons.

Still, you can send £ 250 in a week and receive £1000 in a month without any verification.

How To Verify Identity On Cash App?

  1. Open Cash app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Click on the “Balance” and scroll down to the fund’s section.
  3. Select on the “Add Card” tab
  4. On the next page, follow the on-screen instructions, and provide all your personal information – name, date of birth, account number, expiration date, and CVV number.
  5. Next, go to your profile and provide your SSN.
  6. Capture a picture of any of your preferred government-approved Id cards by allowing camera access to your Cash App.
  7. Next, take a selfie and then submit your request. Your verification process can take 24 hours to get a confirmation for approval.
  8. Follow the on-screen tutorials to complete the process.

How long does it take to verify your Identity?

To verify your cash app account, provide your full name, date of birth, and address. Cash App usually takes approximately 48 hours or 2 business days to verify your Cash App account and identity. You can do this in the Cash App mobile app.

Note that the period for Cash App verification can vary.

Cash App is a simple user interface application to transfer and receive money online. However, if you have an unverified account then you can send up to $250 within a week and receive up to $1000 in a month.

But if you have a verified account in that case you can get the transaction limit increased. That is why to have it’s beneficial to verify Cash App account.

You need to provide your details for verification of identity and after getting verified you can transfer up to $7500 in a week and receive as much as you want in your account Cash App.

How to check the identity on Cash App?

Here are the steps which you can follow Following are some simple steps to verify your identity on Cash App:

  1. First, you need to launch the Cash App on your device.
  2. Go to the “Balance” tab and scroll down till you get the fund section.
  3. Click on the option “Add Card”.

On the next page, you can follow these instructions and enter your details like D.O.B., card number, date of expiry, and the CVV.

  1. You need to submit your SSN by scrolling down to the profile.
  2. Then you need to click a photo of your Govt. approved identity card with the help of your mobile camera. Make sure that you allow the access camera to Cash App.
  3. Also, you need to click a selfie to submit the request.
  4. The verified status will be updated within 1 day.
  5. Also, note that your age should be above 18 if your age is below 18 then the account cannot be verified.


How do I know my Cash App is Verified?

If your account is verified, you will get a confirmation email and notification informing you about it. Another change you will see after your Cash App account is verified is the changes in the daily Cash App spending limit.

Alternatively, you will also be able to enable Cash App direct deposit, sell and buy BTC as well as Stocks. Once these features are available for you, you are officially a verified Cash App user.

Benefits of Verifying My Cash App Account

A basic Cash App account has many limitations. However, verifying your identity will open up the additional benefits it has for your account.

Below are the benefits of verifying your identity on Cash App:

  1. Verified Cash App account users can send up to $7500 per week and receive an unlimited amount of money.
  2. A verified Cash App account can also order and get Cash App Visa Debit Card for free of charge.
  3. Verified users can buy and sell Bitcoins and even trade Stock from their Cash App.
  4. Enable direct deposits and even withdraw Bitcoins.


Why Do Cash App Verify Social Security Number and Driver’s License?

To get all the benefits of a verified Cash App account, you need to provide your SSN along with a driver’s license or any other government-approved id proof. Cash App operates legally and every transaction on Cash App is reported to the government agencies to track and avoid scams taking place in between.

Cash app follows FINRA compliance and mobile Banks like all banks are required to collect similar information and verify your identity to allow FINRA to monitor accounts for large transactions to track known criminals.

It is especially important for transactions of a huge amount of money or during the selling and buying of Bitcoins and Stocks on Cash App.

Why Driver’s license and SSN are important?

To get a verified badge and to enjoy the perks of a verified account then the user must provide SSN and driving license or any other Govt, approved identity proof. Cash App is a legal online payment platform and every transaction that occurs within the Cash App is reported to Government agencies.

It is important for the transactions of a very huge amount or for selling and purchasing Bitcoins via Cash App.

Whenever you receive a $250 amount of payment or more than that, then the Cash App prompts you to enter the basic and important information for verification which includes your full name, D.O.B, and the last 4 digits of your card.

Once the account gets verified, the Cash App provides you the benefit of making transactions of a greater amount.

Here’s how the Cash App processes:

Cash App is used in the United States to make online payments from one account to another. You can make easy transactions and send money to your close ones and family members.

The best thing about the Cash App is that you don’t have to pay any extra charges to make any transactions. It can be used from anywhere within the country and anytime.

It also provides a debit card to its customers which is also known as Cash App Card to make payments and withdraw hard cash.

Following are the steps to know the time for verification of the Cash App user account:

Firstly, you need to download and install the Cash App on your smartphone to start transferring and getting money. The cash App application is available on both Android and iOS devices. You need to register the account with the help of your phone number and email ID.

You will receive the confirmation code on your email or registered phone number which you need to enter to complete the registration. Also, you need to link an active bank account with should be registered under your name. After adding your bank details to the account, you will be able to send money to other users.

Final Thoughts:

Cash App makes the process of sending and receiving money super easy to another app user using their Cashtag, phone number, or QR Code.

But if your account is not verified, your basic account transaction limit is set to $250 per week and as for receiving money, you’re limited to $1,000 a month without verification. If you are not gonna be transacting sums larger than $1000 a month, you will be fine with it.

But in the scheme of things a basic Cash App account doesn’t allow you to pay out or receive enough money to be of much consequence.

Hence, you need to verify your cash app account to increase the limitations on transactions. Once the verification is completed, your transaction limit goes up to $7500 per week and can receive an unlimited amount of money in your Cash App account.

Cash App is one of the easiest and simplest to make payment or request payment using the mobile application. However, it isn’t exactly going to serve best for, say, a gig worker to receive their pay, unless they verify their account along with many limitations on their spending and receiving the amount.

If you follow the above instructions, your Square payment Cash App account will be set, and get ready to send and receive money.



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