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Simple Tips to Try Auto-Brightness Not Working Issue On iPhone

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Auto-brightness is a notable iOS feature. Fit up with a comprehensive light sensor. The iPhone adjusts the screen brightness to your current lighting conditions. For example, when you go to the dark location, the sensor will catch that low down the screen brightness. And when you go to the bright area, it increases the brightness for your excellent viewing experience.

But if you are facing auto-brightness issues on your iPhone, here we are going to discuss some easy methods that will surely help you to get rid of the auto-brightness feature not working issue on the iPhone.

What Are the Main Causes of The Auto-Brightness Issue?

There are many reasons that can be the reasons for the auto-brightness stop working issue on your iPhone. For example, this issue could be because of a cracked screen projector, cheap third-party iPhone display replacement, dust clogging the sensor. Besides all these reasons, many software bugs could always cause the complete sensor to make problems for auto-brightness issues on your iPhone.

Best And Simple Tips to Fix Auto-Brightness Not Working

On iPhone Clean Your iPhone Notch Area.

The first thing you must do to fix the sensor’s issue on your iPhone is to clean the area around it. The built-in complete light sensor is at the top of the iPhone’s screen in the True Depth Face ID camera program (known as the notch). You may also use a clean cloth to clean your phone’s screen to ensure that there should not be any dust around this.

Turn On/Off Auto-Brightness

A soft reset is all we need to fix the auto-brightness issue on our iOS device. So, try out these easy and simple tricks. Here is what you should do: – 

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and then click on Accessibility.
  • Now, click on the Display & Text Size.
  • Scroll down, turn off the “Auto-Brightness” toggle
  • After this, restart your iPhone. Go to the same setting page in the steps above.
  • At last, turn on the Auto-Brightness toggle.

Remove The Screen Projector

If the above-mentioned solutions are not worthy, you should try to remove the screen protector. Not all screen protectors come with laser-cut dimensions. If this issue is permanent, there is a huge possibility that it can be because of your screen guard.

Once you have removed the screen guard, you must check if the screen brightness adjusts itself or not to the light condition of your surroundings. If yes, it means your screen protector was at fault, not your iPhone.

Get An Absolute iPhone Display Replacement.

If you have recently repaired your iPhone screen by an unofficial services provider, make sure the display is OK and not causing the issue. Several times cheap iPhone displays (especially the duplicate display) are found to be at variance with things such as true tone, auto-brightness, and Face ID. So, to fix this issue, contact your service provider to enquire about the display and, this time, ask for an absolute and genuine display, if needed.

Reset All Your iPhone Settings

If nothing seems to work until now for you, try to wipe all the existing settings and return them all to factory default on iPhone. This method works while dealing with complex iOS software problems. So, we will work on it to fix the irritating auto-brightness on iPhone not working issue.

In iOS 15 or later:

  • Navigate the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then go to General. After then click on Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Now, Reset and then Reset All Settings.

In iOS 14 or earlier:

  • Go to the Setting option on your iPhone.
  • Navigate General, then tap on the Reset button
  • At last, click on the Reset All Settings.

Update Software On iPhone

We should never rule out the possibility of a software bug harming the complete light sensor to stop working as advised. If this is the problem, it can be the reason for the Auto-Brightness issue on the iPhone. We must update the iOS software as soon as possible if auto-brightness continues to misbehave on our phones.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings option on your iPhone
  • Select General
  • Now, tap the Software Update option
  • Then, Download and Install the latest versions of iOS software

Try To Turn Off Night Shift

If your iPhone is still going through the Auto-Brightness problem, there is another way to get rid of it, and that is to turn off the Night Shift. Night Shift itself shifts the color of your iPhone’s display to the warmer end at night. To go through this process, check out the steps below.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the Setting app on your phone
  • Go to Display & Brightness and select Night Shift
  • Now, turn off the “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow” toggle.
  • The phone’s screen will now turn to amazing color tones, and the auto-brightness issue will be solved.


In this blog, we have learned various ways to fix the issue of Auto-brightness on the iPhone. By cleaning the screen’s notch area, turning on/off auto-brightness, removing the screen guard, turning off the night shift option, getting genuine iPhone display replacement, regular updating software, etc., these are the simple solution by which we can get rid of this issue.

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