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History books have recorded women as some of the most innovative and creative minds to have ever walked the earth. In fact, some of the inventions created or designed by women have relevance to our everyday life. Whether you are a student doing research or you are just in for the facts, the following are 20 of the most innovative and creative women the world has ever seen. Want more research and help with history homework

Jeanne Villepreux-Power (1794 – 1871)

Jeanne was a leading French naturalist and marine biologist who spearheaded the study of marine life in the 19th century. She invented the world’s first aquarium. As a result, she is considered the mother of Aquariophily.

Margaret E. Knight (1838 – 1914)

Margaret Eloise Knight was an American inventor, famously known for the flat bottomed paper bag. She came up with the idea while she was working for a paper bag factory in the 19th century. She has since been called the most famous woman inventor of the 19th century.

Josephine Cochrane (1839 – 1913)

Dishwashers are sort of a must-have household appliance today. However, back in the 19th century, there were no dishwashers. Thanks to Josephine Cochrane, washing dishes is no longer a daunting task. She successfully designed and developed the first dishwasher back in 1839.

Maria Beasley (1847 – 1904?)

Also known as Nee Kenny, Maria was an innovator and entrepreneur who was best known for successfully creating15 inventions. Most notably, barrel-making equipment and foot-warming machines. This lady patented her work in the USA and Great Britain.

Mary Anderson (1866 – 1953)

From Alabama, USA, Mary Anderson is credited for creating the first windshield wipers, which were used as cleaning devices for both electric and gasoline-based vehicles.

Sarah Breedlove / Madam C. J. Walker (1867 – 1919)

The world has paid respects to Madam C.J Walker, including Hollywood, where a couple of movies have been made in her honor. This lady was a self-made millionaire who made sizable donations to a ton of organizations. Additionally, she was a political and social activist who was known for her philanthropy and activism. Relative to this article, Madam C.J. Walker invented a couple of hair products designed to enhance the overall look for African Americans.

Melitta Bentz (1873 – 1950)

Melitta Bentz was a German entrepreneur and innovator famous for creating the coffee brewing and filter machine.

Beulah Louise Henry (1887 – 1973)

This American inventor is famous for creating 110 inventions backed by 49 patents. Some of her famous inventions include typewriters and ice cream freezers.

Ruth Graves Wakefield (1903 – 1977)

Ever wonder where the chocolate chip cookie recipe came from? Well, we have Ruth Graves to thank for that. In 1930, Ruth, with the help of her husband, bought the restaurant ‘Toll House Inn’ where she developed the recipe to the world-famous chocolate chip cookie.

Grace Hopper (1906 – 1992)

Grace Hopper was a Mathematician who helped develop commands for computers in 1952. She co-invented the COBOL computer language for the US navy.

Virginia Apgar (1909 – 1974)

Apgar was an American anesthesiologist who is best known for developing the ‘Agpar score.’ The Apgar score is used to assess the health of a newborn to monitor the risk of mortality.

Hedy Lamarr (1914 – 2000)

Hedy Lamarr was an American actress and film producer who is best known for producing and starring in several Hollywood blockbuster movies. Additionally, she is credited for co-founding a production studio.

Marion Donovan (1917 – 1998)

The disposable and waterproof diaper was created by this famous American lady. Her inventions earned her a place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2015.

Mary Sherman Morgan (1921 – 2004)

Mary was an American scientist who had a hand in most of NASA’s space expeditions. Most notably, she created liquid fuel Hydyne in 1957, which powered the rocket that launched USA’s first satellite.

Marie Van Brittan Brown (1922 – 1999)

Marie was an American nurse who was famous for developing a two-way microphone, which allowed patients to communicate with people outside in the wake of an emergency.

Stephanie Kwolek (1923 – 2014)

Stephanie was a genius in the field of organic chemistry and was best known for inventing the Kevlar back in 1965. Kevlar is a strong plastic used in manufacturing industries.

Jeanne L. Crews

Similar to Mary Sherman, Jeanne Crews also had a hand in NASA’s space explorations. Most notably, she worked with the APOLLO and Skylab development crews.

Patricia Bath (b. 1942)

Patricia is credited as the first African American to successfully complete a residency in ophthalmology. Additionally, she is also the first African American to receive a medical patent back in 1986.

Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta

These two smart ladies are best known for developing a solar-powered light, which inflates to create a lantern used in national disasters or camping expeditions.

Ayla Hutchinson

With hard work, all our dreams could come true. This is what Ayla Hutchinson embodied when she developed the Kindling cracker, which is an efficient way to split kindling.


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