Six Must-Do Things in Ontario

Ontario, Canada offers a perfect balance of the cityscape and the natural wilderness. Whether you like to explore the greenery or hustle around the busy streets, there is something for you to do at every corner.

Here, we’re listing out some of the best things to do as you move around Canada’s second-largest province.  

  • Explore the Niagara Falls  
  • See Toronto up above the CN Tower  
  • Hike a trail up the mountains  
  • Be part of an audience of festivals and productions  
  • Go museum-hopping  
  • Drink fine wine  

Explore the Niagara Falls

Of course, a trip to Ontario is not complete without going to the Niagara Falls. Canada’s most popular attraction packs a wilderness experience on the waters and a breathtaking sight everywhere else. From going high up the sky to adore the view or getting yourself wet, your time at the Niagara Falls will not disappoint.

See Toronto up above the CN Tower

The CN Tower boasts 1,800 feet, the perfect height to enjoy the sight of Toronto and its harbor. Aside from a view from its observation deck, the building also has the Edge Walk for an exhilarating time at the rim of the deck. The sunsets look stunning at the tower, which can be a great time to visit.

Hike a trail up the mountains

Ontario’s natural landscape covers enough area for enthusiastic hikers and traveling tourists alike to go on hikes. The Bruce Trail and the Waterfront Trail are few of the most famous trails to hike, guaranteed to be safe by the government. Even Toronto offers the same experience within the city at the Rouge National Urban Park.

Be part of an audience of festivals and productions

Ontario’s aesthetics and culture show through the multiple festivals and entertainment productions held all year long. Toronto holds the crown for the greatest number of these events, but other small-town festivals like the Stratford Festival and the Shaw Festival are something to look forward, too.

Go museum-hopping

The culture of Ontario extends well into the numerous museums and galleries it has. The Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Casa Loma, among others, show beautiful artifacts that showcase Canada’s rich history. Walking through their halls is not just a pleasant experience, but also an enlightening one.

Drink fine wine

With over 150 wineries in the province, Ontario’s wine routes are a joy to explore and follow. Most of these wineries offer guided tours and food to go well with your wine tasting. Niagara on the Lake and Prince Edward County are prominent wine regions; the former is conveniently just a few steps away from the Niagara Falls, making it a great stop on the way to the waterfalls.  

Ontario provides such a great experience; it wouldn’t be a surprise if you find a vacation there to be lacking. There is so much of Ontario to be enjoyed and explored that you might be tempted to stay for a tad longer, which is where agencies like CondoMapper can help make such arrangements work for you. Of course, a quick vacation isn’t all that bad, and with Ontario as your destination and this list as your guide, what could go wrong?  


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Written by Peter Dere


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