For the uninitiated, video content marketing refers to creating and posting videos to promote a business and its products/services. Video marketing offers many benefits like increased conversion rates, incremented visibility, bettered SEO rankings, improved customer relationships, cost-effectiveness, simplicity of use, etc. Therefore, video content marketing has become the need of the hour. This article will take you through the various reasons behind the importance of video content marketing and how you can successfully incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Top 6 reasons behind the importance of video content marketing

1. Consumers like watching videos:

It is of utmost significance to cater to the audience’s demands. There is a solid reason behind YouTube being one of the most popular websites worldwide; people love watching videos. Considering the massive amount of time consumers spend watching videos, posting video content is a great way to gain traction. Here are the following video types you can include in your video content strategy to gather more attention:

  • Educational videos: Statistically speaking, 21% of the viewers watch videos to learn something new. Thus, use videos to impart the knowledge you want to.
  • Motivational videos: Quite many viewers watch videos online to get inspired. Including a motivational story in your video content will certainly help you gain traction.
  • Entertainment videos: Many people watch videos to feel stress-free. Therefore, incorporating entertaining videos in your content strategy is a must. One can create such videos with ease using standard video editing software. A good video editor will allow you to add fun elements like GIFs, fluid animations, and stickers to your video.
  • Informative videos: 8% of viewers watch videos to gather information regarding new launches, products, and services. It is easier to understand the functioning behind products and services through videos than through texts or pictures. Therefore, informative videos are a good way of introducing your offerings to your potential clients.

2. Videos help sustain business-client connections:

While attracting new clients to your business is pertinent, it is equally significant to retain the existing clientele. Video content helps you build healthy relations with clients and keeps them intact. You can use videos to keep your customers in the loop about the new launches and discounts or for acknowledging their contribution to your business. Below are some types of videos that you can incorporate to appease your existing clientele:

  • Gratitude video: When you make videos thanking your clients for contributing to your business, they feel good. Customers would like to engage more with a brand that acknowledges their presence rather than a brand that does not.
  • Offer video: You can introduce special offers for your subsisting customers. Good discounts will push the users to avail more of your products and services. If you create a coupon code, you can explain to your audiences how to use it through the video.

3. Video content performs better at SEO:

Google favours video content more than any other content type. Since video suggestions pop up first when you search for something, including video content in your marketing strategy is integral. However, if you want your videos to perform well in the SEO department, you should create quality video content. Follow the below-mentioned tips to fair well in Search Engine Optimisation:

  • High-definition videos are the key: Use video editing software that allows you to export videos in high resolution. Good quality videos tend to stay in the ecosystem for a much larger period. Moreover, Google prioritises HD videos.
  • Give your video a catchy but relevant title and description: Look up the trending words related to your video, and use them in your title and caption. It will help you gain visibility.

4. Videos are versatile:

With all the social media giants encouraging video content, videos are a new rage. Gone are the days when videos gained visibility only through YouTube. Today, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others also encourage video content. Therefore, videos can be easily repurposed.

 Here are some points you can keep in mind while creating videos to gain more traction on social networking sites:

  • Keep your videos short: The ideal duration of a video should be somewhere between 15 and 60 seconds. Since people are always on the go in the current day and age, shorter videos perform better. It is the primary reason behind Instagram rolling out reels and YouTube introducing the concept of Shorts.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Using apt hashtags can help you get attention from your potential customers. The key to using hashtags effectively is not overdoing them.

5. Video content boosts conversion rates:

Studies have shown that videos possess the ability to increment conversions. There are high chances that when you add videos to your landing page, the viewer will go through your entire website. Even shopping sites have started incorporating videos of the listed products to provide users with a better idea. In this way, the products sell faster. Here is how you can use videos to increment your sales:

  • Effectively showcase your product: Make a video of your product from various angles so that buyers get a fair idea of what they are buying. For instance, if you are a real estate agent, make an elaborate video of the property you want to sell.
  • Keep updating your video content: Video trends keep changing, and nobody likes watching obsolete videos. Therefore, make sure that your video content is up-to-date. Include more trending content on your website's landing page to intrigue the viewers.

6. Videos are more likely to get shared:

Since videos stay in the ecosystem for long, they get more shared than any other content type. Sharing videos has become so easy nowadays. Social networking apps like Whatsapp have made it easier to watch videos. The link does not even get redirected to the source site. Similarly, you can share videos with the click of a button. Therefore, video content will help you reach out to a larger audience.


Video marketing plays a significant role in building client relationships and retaining them. The benefits of video marketing are so widespread that it is almost impossible to create a successful marketing strategy without including video content marketing. Therefore, video marketing is more important than ever in the present time.


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