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Skills That Your Toddlers Will Learn In Daycare!

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Daycare is integral to your child's development. It provides them a safe environment where they can interact with other children and grow their social and communication skills. It also allows them to learn many skills crucial for preschoolers to succeed in school – but who knew there were so many! We've included an overview of essential skills you should watch for as your toddler goes through Child Daycare In Torrance CA.

  • Discipline:

Kids who are regularly disciplined tend to be more physically and emotionally healthy, are able to cope with frustration. They have less problematic behavior and act more positively toward their teachers and family. There are many different types of discipline, but all involve the parent setting a clear expectation for the child. The behaviors that will get the child what they want (such as a toy or treat), those that will get them in trouble (running away, hitting, and swearing), and those that will be ignored (rude behavior or negative comments).

  • Social Skills:

Kids will develop their social skills through connections with people, whether it's a playground, a restaurant, or a classroom. When kids learn how to communicate positively and relate to others, it helps them succeed in school and life as adults. This should be an essential part of your child's daycare experience. As the teacher, you can help them by modeling positive interaction with others and helping them learn basic social skills.

  • Language Skills:

Watching your kids interact with their teachers and friends will help you pick up on their new word combinations and language skills. If you aren't ready to join in, modeling new words and phrases, daycare can help your child discover what they like to say and how they should say it better. Some daycare centers even provide parents with a word wall to help them teach words before their child leaves the house.

  • Cognitive skills:

These are the skills that help kids learn how to think. They include making connections between ideas, solving problems, and reasoning about their environment. Your child will be challenged with these skills in daycare, so watching and talking to your child about their new experiences is essential. Listen as they make new connections with a friend or describe how they handled a situation with a teacher. They may surprise you!

So these are the essential skills your toddler will learn in a Montessori. Find a Daycare Near Me, where they visit regularly and also convenient for you as a parent.



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