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Cooler weather and winter are not too far around the corner. That means there’s never been a better time to optimize your skincare routine for the colder, drier months ahead. Dropping temperatures can often pull much-needed moisture away from your skin, making it necessary to find products that can keep your skin hydrated and your complexion looking its best. From the exfoliating powers of dry brushing face techniques to the soothing properties of facial mist sprays, here are some must-have skincare products you shouldn’t go without this winter.

An Exfoliating Dry Brush for Your Face and Body

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? It’s often considered a shortcut to gorgeous, glowing, and healthy-looking skin. Dry brushing techniques have been around for centuries, originating in India thousands of years ago to exfoliate and boost circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Like body brushing techniques, dry brushing your face can help wipe away dead skin cells, depuffing and defining your face in the process. The process is gentle, so it can still work wonders even if you have sensitive skin. The soft bristles on dry brushes buff away buildup and blackheads, cleansing the skin tissue and helping to give you a clearer complexion. Thanks to increased circulation, your skin looks brighter and more tightened. If that weren’t enough, dry brushing helps to boost the efficacy of your favorite topicals, meaning your serums, body oils, and body butter will work better than ever!

Scalp-nourishing Dry Shampoo

Healthy skin doesn’t have to stop with dry brushing your face and body. You can sneak in some extra self-care with a nutrient-rich dry shampoo. Used to extend the life of your favorite hairstyles, the best dry shampoos include a variety of organic and skin-soothing ingredients like kaolin clay and organic arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and add texture and volume. Meanwhile, organic essential oils of grapefruit, peppermint, and lavender soothe your scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Applying dry shampoo is also really easy! All it takes is a few shakes to apply it directly to your roots. Not only does this help to remove excess oils, but it also works to add texture and volume as well. Whether you have light or dark hair, you can easily find a dry shampoo that works for you!

Hydrating Facial Mist

Packed with herbs, humectants, and antioxidants, a facial mist combines the soothing, clarifying, and plumping properties of vitamins and botanicals to keep your skin happy, healthy, and on its toes all winter long. With just a few spritzes, you can target any redness, dehydration, or inflammation your skin may be suffering from. You’ll want to look for face mist sprays with ingredients like aloe vera, blue tansy, and lavender, as these can help strengthen skin tissue and stimulate healing.

If your complexion happens to be dull or tired-looking one morning, this is an excellent way to give it a boost. As a bonus, the right face mist spray will pair exceptionally well with your favorite serums and creams, providing instant hydration whenever you need it.

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