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It turns out the younger generations have moved away from skinny jeans. And they might be onto something. The skinny jean style may have paired well with many tops, but it could have its downsides, too. Skinny jeans made without much stretch weren’t the easiest to move around in. A stretch-blend offered improvement, but not much. What about wearing your skinny jeans on one of those days when you’re just on the move? Maybe you wanted to run some errands and spend an afternoon at the park with the kids, but your jeans didn’t make for the most comfortable outfit. If you’re ready to try something other than your skinny jeans (it isn’t easy), the good news is there are plenty of different styles to choose from. You can find all kinds of options that are on-trend, look amazing, and fit even better. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started on your new jean journey.

Skinny May Be on Its Way Out, But Slim Fit’s Still in!

If you want to keep a slim cut, you don’t have to rely on skinny jeans to get it. One option is slim straight jeans. They offer that slim profile that you know and love but with an updated design that’s ready for anything. What makes slim straight jeans so great isn’t that they are the cousin of your skinny jeans—it’s how versatile they are. Whether you’re going for high-rise, cropped cuffs, or distressed, the slim straight design goes with practically everything. Not to mention, slim straight offers an entirely new level of comfort, and we all know comfort is king. These jeans may even help make it easier to move your skinny jeans to the back of your closet, but your shoes, sandals, tops, and jackets can stay exactly where they are.

Jeans That Honestly, Truly Fit

Who doesn’t love when a pair of jeans fits exactly as you imagined? Talk about a chef’s kiss moment. Finding a pair of skinny jeans that fit perfectly might have been a chore in the past. It was certainly possible, but if you’re like most women, you had to make compromises somewhere. One of the most common areas of compromise is length. It has always been difficult enough to find jeans with the perfect length, especially for tall women. That’s all changing. It’s unclear if the younger generation is to thank for this one, but jeans for tall women are taking over. What look is most popular in the tall jeans category? You probably already guessed the answer: the high waist. Combine tall jeans with a high waist for a look that may very well become your go-to this spring.

Jeans That Flatter in All the Right Places

You want jeans that fit well, look good, and feel good. Whether or not a pair of skinny jeans checked all the boxes depended on your individual shape. But as we shift away from the skinny style, there are plenty of alternatives that can meet your needs. But what about jeans that can help enhance your shape? This is where booty lift jeans come in. Booty lift jeans come in nearly every cut—slim straight, tall, high-rise, boot cut, you name it. But these are jeans made to give you a “booty lift” effect. This hasn’t been something skinny jeans excelled at—though you could find skinny jeans to flatter your figure. But now it’s time to trade your skinny jeans for styles that truly, honestly fit and enhance your shape in all the right places.

About Democracy Clothing

With their innovative “Ab”solution fit technology, Democracy Clothing offers the perfect selection of jeans for women of all shapes and sizes. This casual denim lifestyle was founded on the principle of curve equality—everyone’s shape is different, but they are all created equal. That’s why their universally superb-fitting jeans are designed to mold and hold your shape by embracing your curves. Every pair of Democracy Clothing jeans is constructed with super-stretch denim, tummy-smoothing mesh panels in the front, and a hidden inner elastic waistband for a “no-gap” waist. Other signature features include a sweetheart-shaped yoke and strategically placed back pockets for a “booty lift” effect. Choose from all sorts of flattering styles like straight leg jeans, cargo pants for women, jegging jeans, and so much more. Plus, you can browse their curated selection of stylish tops to complete your look.

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