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As the world is towards recovery from the pandemic, travel plans too are paving their way, in our lives. For business people, this is more of a dream come true. The joy of seeing and experiencing the world offline, out of the video calls, just like the olden times is unparalleled. Even if it’s for a conference, an annual meet or an official meeting in another city, travelling to different places for work purposes has always been rewarding in one or the other way. And getting back to this is joyful. 

Whether a man or a woman, trolly bags, airbags, duffel bags and backpacks are quite the necessity of a business trip for the modern-day working individual. People are also becoming a little more cautious and choosy amidst the pandemic-hit times. One needs to make sure that whichever type of bag they are selecting, ticks on almost all the essential norms. Also, it should be user-friendly, robust, affordable as well as stylish at the same time. If all of this is summed up in just one word, “smart” is what our bags too should be in this modern age. And we’re here to help you pick just the “right one.” This one will not just be a backpack, but more of a “travel buddy” to you!   


Why is a backpack for men important? 

For a comfortable transferring and distinctive look, the choice of luggage is essential – something that is made of great quality has many zips/pockets and is light in itself. Backpacks are types of travel bags that call these boxes. Additionally, they are equipped with straps too. T of luggage bags also makes sure that the things stay intact during t and are easily accessible whenever required. On a lighter note, a great backpack or duffel bag is the one that has the capability of reminding you of what all you must pack essentially, irrespective of whether you are a checklist person or not. More so, when it is related to your work. Thus, these are the most chosen type of office bags for men or generally for business people as these are practical for carrying, and they don’t mind investing in a good one. Much in line with the saying “dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” meaning that in order to get or excel in a job, you should even dress like that, the business of backpacks also fit in this philosophy quite aptly. For instance, if you want to portray professionalism and look hyper-organized, you must choose a backpack that’s professional too. Having said that, there is no dearth of choices to buy backpacks online that are best suited for business trips – they come in various styles, types, sizes, colours, etc. Choosing what’s most apt for you can therefore be a dilemma. 


AMIGO, your true friend! 

Sturdy, functional, portable, trendy, organizer-friendly and comfortable – if these are the keywords that run in your mind related to choosing the kind of travel bags for a business trip, you’re at the right place. Because we’ve got a solution that not only fits into the category of great office bags for men and women but more. Say hello to the 100% Indian made AMIGO BACKPACK by Urban Tribe, quite literally that “friend” whom you can trust when it comes to packing smart for your business trips. And just in case if you’re wondering what happens to all those freshly ironed, crisp blazers or other clothing that you’ll have to carry along; whether or not they’ll end up with creases, etc. Worry not, because the Amigo Backpack leaves no room for any of this. The way you pack your clothes is the way you will unpack them after reaching the destination. This is the assurance that Amigo will not only give you but abide by too. What’s more? These bags by Amigo are designed aesthetically. Hence, an apt pick when it comes to stylish backpacks for men and women. So, wherever you go, you will only travel in style! In short, absolutely a hassle-free option especially for your clothes. And not just this, once you use it, it can easily become your preferred choice of a backpack for any outing – be it a weekend adventure, a road trip or just a leisure trip. Not just this, Amigo Backpacks also double up as airbags whenever required. 

The make

Available in four cool colours, Urban Tribe’s AMIGO BACKPACK is a 20 inches (height) x 12 inches (weight) x 8 inches (length) bag, weighs 500 grams and is an option for one of the best backpacks for men and women alike. With Amigo by your side, you’ll not have to worry about most of the things because it is loaded with useful features. Sturdier and more beneficial than an old-fashioned suitcase. These bags even serve as laptop bags for men and women. Just plan your itinerary, pack up and leave for the trip. 

  • It’s a backpack that looks like a suitcase, but isn’t one! The Amigo luggage bags are made of super lightweight material with premium weatherproofed fabric. That’s the kind of tough “friend” you need in all situations and circumstances. It also has anti-theft zippers and high-security reflective straps. 
  • It has an extra-large room that has enough space to pack everything, from the smallest to the most space-occupying, in a very convenient way – clothes and essentials to laptop, hydration and other supplies. 
  • The padded shoulder straps come with a chest lock and the padded laptop compartment comes with a sideways opening which is compatible with a 15.6” laptop. It has a compartment in the front which can be used for charger, diary, keys, etc. 
  • These backpacks for men and women accommodate multiple carry styles, has perfectly organized compartments which help to keep everything in place and also within easy reach. The padding ensures sweat-free travels. 
  • It has an air mesh back system support for better ventilation and a handle, similar to that of trolly bags. 
  • The reflective branding at the front and multiple reflective straps on the bag ensure easy visibility at night. 
  • Other attributes include – large mesh compartment with zip on the right; a subdivided compartment with a zip on the left; a small zipper pocket on the side for mobile, cards, mask, sanitizer, etc; four reinforced grab handles; carabiner lash loops. 

All in all the AMIGO BACKPACK can be that dream partner in your next trip. You can actually concentrate on the work bit, and leave all the packing woes on these travel bags. Just be sure of what all you need to carry and arrange them in the backpack, in no time. Not to forget, in these tough times too, this bag will prove to be the best bet for your journeys. Because of its great features that allow you to pack even the smallest of essentials which is the need of the hour for any travel plan today, it becomes the most convenient choice of backpacks for men and women. Be rest assured, whatever your style is, the Amigo Backpack has got you covered. 

 Plan well, travel well 

Just before we end, here’s a quick guide for you to keep in mind when preparing for a business trip. You may modify this list according to your personal preferences and requirements. But make sure to have this in place for a low-stress, well-managed travel experience. 

  1. Keep a check on all the important official attributes of the trip – documents, corporate papers, presentation materials, daily schedules, etc. 
  2. File your itinerary, hotel/flight bookings and other travel-related documents properly, in advance. 
  3. Your packing list should be trip-specific, after which you can pack your luggage accordingly.
  4. Don’t forget to make suitable arrangements for all the work that must continue in your absence. 
  5. In order to be more productive and happier, make sure to include some “me/rest time” in your schedule. If the trip’s for a day or two, this point may be eliminated.


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