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The Food and Drug Administration department has given due clearance to an impressively designed intelligent insulin pen that could potentially make the living of diabetic a whole lot easier. The innovatively designed has been given much-needed clearance from the FDA, and it can now be sold to aid all the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients to effectively manage their insulin dosage. It is a piece of massive news for all the sugar patients because the system could now aid them in figuring out how much insulin is required at a particular time. The system will provide the patient some real-time time data using which patients could determine whether they need insulin or not and how much they need it. 

The intelligent pens have been dubbed as “The Bigfoot Unity Smart Pen Caps,” and have been manufactured by the Bigfoot Biomedical specially designed for those Type I and Type II diabetics patients that currently take multiple doses of insulin on a daily basis. The company “Bigfoot Biomedical” has described its product as the first of its kind, and it has now received the approval 510 (k) from the Food and Drug Administration to be ready for public use. The smart pens work in conjunction with the iCGM to offer the patients instantaneous data of the current blood glucose. In order to use the device, the patient first has to scan the sensor, which would lead the cap to then quickly monitor and show the current glucose level in the blood along with a trend arrow and a recommended dosage of insulin based on the data and the suggestion prescribed by the physician. The product manufactured by Bigfoot Unity can be easily bought and used by all patients aged 12 and above, and it can also work in tandem with the insulin pens rolled out by major companies such as Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly Company, and Sanofi, comprising both types including rapid and long-acting. If you need a little guidance on how to operate the pen caps, then a video has already been released on the internet, and you can straight away head towards the Gizmodo official website to watch it. 

Furthermore, the pen caps come along with an application that can issue a notification to the patient informing them that their blood sugar level has dropped below the alarming level of 55mg/dL and a reminder as well should the patient miss out on taking his or her daily dosage of insulin. Another thing you would like about the pen caps is it eliminates the need to input the new values of insulin every time it changes, and instead, it inputs the values directly on the cloud if it gets connected to Wi-Fi or any other internet connection. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Bigfoot Biomedical named Jeffrey Brewer has issued a statement regarding the new product and has said that patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes have to make several key decisions every day. The problem with their disease is that there is often no fixed dosage and timing of the insulin, and many times they have to re-input the values of the insulin dosage based on their requirement and status of the disease. He also remarked the fact that there are over seven million patients reeling with diabetes and are taking dosage on a daily basis, and sometimes even several times during a particular day. He noted the fact that despite the demand for adequate technology to meet the need, there have been no noticeable advancements in the market, and it has remained underserved for a long period of time. 

If the latest trends are to be believed, then sugar level monitoring appears to be the next big evolution in biomedical technology. There have been certain rumors, which suggest to us that both Apple and Samsung are currently researching non-invasive technology to monitor blood sugar levels with their Apple Watch and Samsung Smart Watch, respectively. One such prototype of an upcoming device was also unveiled at the CES event that took place this year. Furthermore, Fitbit also joined the race after it released its very own blood sugar monitoring system embedded in its smartwatch in the aftermath of a long-awaited FDA clearance. 

Yet, there is a caveat. However big aspirations may be from big tech-house, blood glucose monitoring is still far from reaching its technological boom. Irrespective of the fact that all the big-game players have set their sights on the blood glucose monitoring system, the advancements are not yet completely reliable for average customers. The first thing we need to understand is that diabetes is a serious disease, and accurate blood glucose measurement cannot be compromised in any case. All the users also need to understand that ECG and heart rate monitoring systems revealed by several smartwatches are still used for health awareness and cannot be substituted for professional diagnosis and clinical advice. Furthermore, any device in the market would need to undergo a lengthy procedure of receiving the FDA clearance, and even after that, all the experts advise to take these monitoring systems as a supplement and not as a substitute because inaccurate blood glucose measure can leave a lasting impact on a person and diabetes is a disease to be taken very seriously.

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