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Smart Landscaping Tips for When You’re Building a New Home

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Landscaping your ideal home can be quite a chore. It's easy to get overwhelmed with everything you have to consider regarding visuals and the construction of your land bloc. But we want you to know that whether you decide to do this on your own or hire professionals, you will have the support of great allies wherever you may go! So keep scrolling down for some fantastic tips for constructing your landscape design, and make sure not to cut any corners! But first, let's take a look at some tips to help you landscape your new Home NZ

Allow a Budget for Landscaping

Landscaping is often the first thing homeowners cut from their household budget. While it's taken a back seat to other aspects of homeownership, such as repairs and decorating, properly landscaping your home can make a difference in how it looks, both from far away or straight on. Setting aside an amount for landscaping will benefit from having a well-landscaped property, even if it is only small!

Decide if You Want a High/Low Maintenance Garden

Do you love pottering about in the garden for hours on end? Or do you want a terrace that looks great but also requires very little maintenance? If you want an aesthetically pleasing garden, ensure you choose the right plants when landscaping. Additionally, be honest with yourself! You might start with good intentions, but your interest could quickly wane if you're not a keen gardener. So be realistic and pick those plants that both suit your specific lifestyle and tastes.

Define Lawn Edges

It's easy to get your garden to look neat and attractive. For example, you can use a sharp spade to create an attractive edge between your lawn and the beds that make up the rest of your garden. Alternatively, you might like to build a physical barrier (limestone, concrete, timber, or brick) as an alternative way of creating an attractive border around your property. 

Mulch Your Garden

Mulching your garden looks great and also helps to improve it! Ensure you choose a mulch like pine bark rather than any other options – lucerne, for example, which doesn't look nice! It will help to complete what's going on in your garden and make it look fantastic when preparing your garden beds for planting. Mulching will also help keep moisture in the soil, restrain weeds, prevent soil erosion and improve drainage.

Pick The Right Plants for Your Conditions

Take care when growing your plants. Certain plants won't grow as well, matching your landscape garden as others might. For example, if you live in an area where natives thrive, you will have better luck with them growing there instead of natives. As a result, your garden will reach a mature stage much more quickly and look healthy and thriving rather than sad and struggling. 

Display villages are a great place to find your home builder, but they are also the perfect place to get some landscape garden ideas, especially for low-maintenance gardens. So if you're thinking of building a new home in NZ, our team is ready to help you. Come check out our stunning new home designs, including Signature homes Christchurch, single/double-storey homes, or house & land packages; contact STONEWOOD today. 

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