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Smartone C Satellite Tracker Offers for Asset Tracking

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GPS has become a common technology in the new day world to find and reach anywhere confidently across the globe. SmartOne C satellite tracker is a great device to add to your collection for monitoring your assets and other users as per the industrial nature. But with a range of evolution and innovative technology application, GPS has enabled the new day society to achieve a lot more than just location tracking. The implementation of a satellite-based network in the hi-tech tracking system makes it possible to track the exact possible location of a specific thing.

Hence, asset management has become a lot easier with these satellite trackers. This device is a compact, lightweight, and low-power commercial IoT gadget.

The special features of the SmartOne C satellite tracker

There are many hi-tech uses in the SmartOne C satellite-based tracker, such as motion sensors, customizable configuration sensors, and comparative GPS positions, which would help in collecting and transmitting the asset status information. You can power up the satellite tracker device with a line or external power.

The device can automatically switch to a battery backup system using 4 AAA batteries. Operators can receive reporting for up to 12 different times and alternate reporting schedules. This satellite-based asset-tracking device can be enabled through interval or around-the-clock operation modes.

Users can enable low battery messages to get the most out of the operation, and these can be powered through regulator cable or lithium batteries; there is no requirement to purchase expensive proprietary replacement batteries. The most advantageous feature of this asset satellite tracker is that the operator would receive automatic alerts when the assets move outside the predetermined range.

When the asset stays in the pre-established location for a pre-decided time period, you can turn on the messaging cost-reduction mode. One can buy their desired package, including hardware, with a selective airtime package. You can use the SmartOne C asset tracker to monitor your vehicles, vessels, or any other forms of remote assets, even outside of GSM coverage.

Enjoy the advanced functionality of the satellite asset tracker

While the majority of asset trackers are designed for operating within a cellular bond, industries working outside of cellular coverage should ensure the implementation of a satellite tracking solution that would transmit data to their main system of business operation for asset monitoring. Using SmartOne C satellite tracker for having connection and sight over the asset even when not within a cellular range.

Since batteries would be difficult to maintain outside cellular coverage, a satellite tracking solution can prove to be lifesaving. This smart device offers hardware on and off feature functionality that allows operators to initiate GPS re-centering. The serial signals can be accepted even from external device sensors.

The lithium batteries used in SmartOne C can provide 3 or more years of battery life, eliminating the requirement for purchasing expensive proprietary batteries. SmartOne C satellite tracker can be configured to track your assets according to your specific needs and get emergency alerts through text and email, making your life easier.


Source- http://bit.ly/3IXHCVA


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