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Smoking Cigars Cause Cancer

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 It is important for any smoker (or non-smoker) to understand the difference between the smoke of a cigarette and that of a cigar – Papel ahumado what they contain, and the possibility of them being the direct root cause for someone developing cancer.

Cigarettes – usually contain less than 1-gram of tobacco (blends vary depending on the brand), are never fermented, and are wrapped in a special white smoking paper. The average time taken to smoke a cigarette is between 5 – 10 minutes each.

Cigars – on the other-hand, tend to vary in tobacco content (1 – 20-grams in each), are air-cured or fermented, and are wrapped in a tobacco leaf. The average time taken to smoke a cigar can vary between 10 minutes and 2-hours.

(a) Small Cigars – tend to be about the same size and shape as a cigarette, contain around 1-gram of tobacco in each, are packed like cigarettes (5 – 20 per packet), and often have a filter at one end (similar to a cigarette).

(b) Cigarrillos – are usually slightly larger, and contain about 3-grams of tobacco in each.

(c) Large Cigars – can measure up to 7-inches or more in length, and typically contain between 5 – 20 grams of tobacco in each. Usually individually wrapped in cellophane (smaller cigars), or sold in wooden (cedar) boxes (un-wrapped).





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