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Snappr was a pioneer in the 2D barcode business. The goal was to provide a platform to easily create, manage and access mobile content and to promote this content in exciting, new ways. If you are like me, one of the first barcode scanning applications you downloaded was Snappr (it is still on my phone to this day). Snappr was the first ipad scan app capable of scanning a 2D barcode. The ShopSavvy team has been busy incorporating Snappr’s technology into ShopSavvy.

Philip Stehlik, founder and CEO of Snappr, will join ShopSavvy’s board of advisors. Philip, founder and CEO of Snappr, is a pioneer in the mobile barcode business. Snappr took the concept and the technology of QR Codes and packaged it into an easy to use webservice and mobile application where both, the content owner and the accessing end-user have real benefits from using the Codes and the mobile content behind them. Snappr was one of the first services in the US and Europe to provide a well rounded solution leveraging QR Codes to access mobile content. Prior to founding Snappr he acted as senior developer and project lead at ReadSoft US where he implemented ReadSoft’s SAP solutions at major US corporations like Apple or Boehringer Ingelheim. Philip began his career at Ebydos AG in Frankfurt Germany, where he was responsible for major product implementations at companies like John Deere, REHAU and Schneider Electric.

The Snappr acquisition has been instrumental in our QR Code program.

The adoption of two-dimensional barcodes in marketing and advertising has been hampered by proprietary standards. Too many companies have spent too much time attempting to monetize a very simple, but powerful feature. Ironically, there has always been an alternative, open standard called a Quick Response or QR Code. Anyone can generate a two-dimensional QR Code pointing to any website for free. Additionally, millions of mobile phone users already have QR Code capable readers like ShopSavvy®.

The biggest issue with QR Codes is that American consumers don’t know what a 2D barcode is. They need some assistance understanding how to react to a QR Code printed on a notice board or in a magazine advertisement. Our ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ project was designed to solve this problem. Millions of ShopSavvy users along use the application to scan 1D barcodes, but much, of them have no idea that ShopSavvy will scan unblock standard 2D barcodes (i.e. QR Code), but they do grasp the concept of scanning.

Our ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ program lets brands to leverage our ‘trained’ user base by including our ‘Scan with ShopSavvy’ badge
everywhere they print a 2D barcode. Consumers can use ANY QR-capable scanner (50+ today), but the program attempts to short circuit the call to act by showing the user he can use an application he already has on his smartphone.

The program is free for almost all brands. Our goal is to promote QR Codes, ShopSavvy and build great relationships with brands. Interested? Brands simply need to email sales-biggu and explain the planned usage of our badge prior to use. Permission will be granted to almost all brands.


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