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How often do you see an SNL skit getting out of hand and breaking the fourth wall? That’s the case with every Pete Davidson skits, and his latest SNL skit featuring Eminem’s song Stan breaks another wall yet again.

Pete Davidson is known for his sarcastic sense of humor, and he doesn’t shy away from highlighting the dreadful sorrows of every life. However, the sorrow turns frantic in the new SNL skit as ‘Stu’ asks Santa for the latest PS5 as the Christmas gift this year.

In a parodical attempt to recreate the 2000’s song ‘Stan’ by Eminem and Elton John, Stu asks Santa for the PS5 in the same way Stan asks Eminem for a letter by writing verses in the letter instead of actual words.

In the skit, Stu asks Santa for a brand new PS5; he asks for a copy of the latest Assassin’s Creed Valhalla video game as well. The performance is funny, and there is no denying that Pete Davidson is one of this generation’s best comedians.

The SNL skit quickly became viral, and even the Assassin’s Creed team wrote back to Pete Davidson in a tweet offering him the game he wanted in the SNL performance.

Another thing that caught everyone’s attention is Eminem’s small cameo in the skit. Eminem receives the PS5 from Santa and thanks to him for the gift.

What makes this skit so successful is the overhaul of PS5 and how quickly they get sold out in the Western nations. The fall of 2020 has the weirdest effects on the gaming industry, and SNL took the leap and produced a lot of gaming content on their youtube channel. Last month, they also produced a gaming skit where the Nintendo fans revisited their memories of the Mario franchise for the 35th anniversary. 

In the Stu skit, Stu repeatedly asks Santa for the PS5, but considering how rare and difficult it is to get one, Santa ignores Stu’s constant letters, and after verse three, Santa replies to him in the most direct way. As to avoid more letters from Stu, Santa writes back, ‘I think you got the wrong address, bro. I am not Santa Claus, Bye-Bye.’

Towards the end, Stu turns on the TV , and fans get to see Eminem’s cameo, who accidentally got the PS5, and he even says he doesn’t even want it. With that, the skit ends, and Stu ends up with nothing in the end like Stan from the song ‘Stan.’

Source  :-  https://webnroot.citywikia.com/snls-stu-gets-a-copy-of-assassins-creed-valhalla/


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