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So, You Want To Travel Around The Country In A Recreational Vehicle? You really need to know this

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Many New Zealanders consider buying a motorhome or caravan during the summer months when the days are longer and the sun shines a bit more so that they may more easily explore the nation at their leisure.

Importing a motorhome from another nation may save you thousands of dollars if you know what you're doing with regards to compliance, MAF clearance, customs tax and GST, and containment. This is true, however, only provided you properly import the automobile into New Zealand in the first place. So for importing a motorhome to new Zealand it is important to make the best choice.

Who, then, does McCullough Ltd. work with to import motorhomes and caravans?

Statistics New Zealand reports that the number of immigrants to New Zealand hit a record high in November 2015, with 6,300 people coming as new residents. It is common for migrants from the United Kingdom and Australia to bring their own recreational vehicles rather than buy new ones in the United States due to the high cost of doing so. They constitute a significant proportion of the emigrants.

  • There has been a rise in the number of Kiwis returning home from places like Australia and the UK, and many of them want to bring their possessions with them.
  • Many tourists planning a trip to New Zealand in their own recreational vehicle (RV) or campervan may find this option more convenient. It's even more so if the car has sentimental value or was painstakingly restored to its former state.
  • Many New Zealanders see buying an RV or motorhome overseas and paying to have it shipped to their country as a cost-effective alternative to buying one locally.

What are the most significant obstacles that must be conquered in order to bring a motorhome or camper into New Zealand?


It will save you a lot of time and effort if you check New Zealand's legislation to make sure the car you want to import is legal there before you start the shipping procedure. In any case, you'll need factory documents and service records to make this happen. It is recommended to check with McCullough before commencing the process, as it is conceivable that any parts or maintenance needed to bring the vehicle up to specification may be accomplished at a cheaper price overseas.

In addition to the emissions and roadworthiness exams, there is also a frontal impact standards exam and an ownership verification exam that must be passed to get entry certification. You'll need to pay for registration and a warrant or certificate of fitness when you've finished and passed them, depending on the size of your vehicle. For Bringing Motorhome From UK To NZ it is essential.

The MAF and Customs

Make sure your automobile is spotless before shipping it to New Zealand. This is especially important if the vehicle has been previously used and might thus contain seeds, animals, or soil that would represent a biosecurity danger to New Zealand's native species or plants. Keep in mind that MAF and Customs will want to check everything you have in the RV while it is in transit.




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