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Soft Hardcover Book Printing equipment & materials

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The main difference between soft hardcover books and hard hardcover books is that the cover materials and their processing equipment are completely different.



Generally, the cover weight of soft hardcover paper is about 300g / m2, which belongs to paper jam. The processing equipment is simple in comparison with efficiency. The printed color cover is decorated on the surface, then die-cut in size, and then put on the shell making machine or manual shell making. The equipment used mainly includes film covering machine, oil passing machine, polishing machine, calender, die-cutting machine, shell making machine, bronzing machine, etc.



The processing of plastic cover is relatively complex. The pictures and texts of plastic sheet are printed by screen printing machine, and then high-frequency die-cutting is carried out after oil and drying process. The equipment used includes screen printer, screen oiler, UV dryer and high-frequency die-cutting machine. Plastic cover materials are mostly PVC synthetic materials, and special screen UV polishing oil is generally used for oil passing.



Soft hardcover book printing is more exquisite and durable than paperback books, and are more exquisite in materials and binding than paperback books. In addition to paper plastic and plastic covers, soft hardcover books also have coating, resin impregnation, coating impregnation, PVC frosting, recycled leather, synthetic leather, fabric composite, paper composite and other materials. Of course, plastic cover and film cover are the most widely used. They have the advantages of oil resistance and dirt resistance. They are the mainstream materials for the cover of soft hardcover books.



With the continuous development of post press binding technology, the cover design and materials of soft hardcover books are becoming more and more mature and colorful. Moreover, with the vigorous rise of fast printing stores, I believe there are many personalized makeup frame books that favor the soft hardcover book printing method, such as personalized scheme, bidding document, recipe printing and packaging, which is also a new field of soft hardcover book processing. The wide application of soft hardcover technology has brought vitality to the field of book binding and book market.




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