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Say Ariel and many will create an image of a detergent in their minds. Of course, this product has massive fame in Europe and the US. But, there is an arrival of one more product named Ariel in the market. And, this can act as a game-changer in the cleaning technology with better sanitization. Hence, one can say that because it uses solar power to run itself, it is like a robot using clean technology to clean the pools in our vicinity. One can see the first look of this robot in the upcoming CES 2021 event, which is going to be held on this 11th January. Hence, it can be that nudge or a driving force to cast its influence over more usage of clean technology using solar power. Let’s understand the working principle and features of this new robot.

Latest Development

An organization pioneering and harnessing solar energy norms, Pivot Solar-Breeze has come up with the Ariel robot. One can use this robot to clean the swimming pools in private and public places. As per the statements from Paul Sim, Vice President, Pivot Solar-Breeze, Ariel robot has the capability to remove stains up to 95%. These stains include dust, dirt, pollen, leaves, hair, and oil. Also, due to solar power, one can save fuel costs and decrease the device’s mobility and dependency on fuel. According to the organization, automated surface cleaning can be the next potential industrial cleaning practices in the future. Even the swimming pool industry can use Ariel as a critical element to optimize their swimming pool maintenance cost and not compromise the pools’ health profile. With time, this cleanliness robot will get more acceptance to reduce manual labor and labor cost.

Working Principle

This Ariel robot has a motor that runs using solar power after the battery gets charged. The control system carries the feedback mechanism using the motion and object detection sensor. In a normal mode, it moves ahead and cleans all types of dirty ingredients present in the water. During this time, it constantly monitors the path on which the Ariel is moving and changes its direction in case it detects any wall or obstruction that works as a constraint. When a hindrance comes into detection, there is a generation of a signal or interrupt. This signal then gets transmitted to the robot’s master controller. The controller processes the signal and accordingly changes movement. Inside the cleaning system, the suction unit takes in the dirt and throws or filters out the water from it.

Features of Using Ariel

  • Mesh filter that collects and accumulates micro-particles down to 200 microns in size.
  • Sensors to detect any obstruction and hindrance in the path of the robot.
  • Functional to withstand even in saltwater with salinity up to 6500 ppm.
  • No complexity in stains and dirt removal with no-slip handle from the pool.
  • Prolonged operation with working capability up to 10 hours when fully charged. But, it can operate without the sun’s exposure through 5x surplus power on storage.
  • Functional even in a broad range of temperatures for a range between 40°F to 130° F with a tolerable limit.
  • Moves forward with the speed of 10-20 feet per minute
  • Debris collection chamber that can hold double the regular skimmer basket’s volume.


  • Scrapping-out ability to take out minute particles
  • Highly durable due to good battery life
  • Ability to work in high salinity and temperature
  • Ability to change its path after detecting any obstruction or pool’s end
  • Nominal speed to clean out the dirt particles


On pre-booking, currently, it is available at $468. However, this can arise as per the organization. On their website, there is a timer going on that has been attached to the pricing section. Hence, some can speculate that after a span of twenty days, the price will rise. This price is justifiable considering the one-year warranty it delivers. Apart from this, in case the user feels to return this robot-gadget, there is a 30-days return policy in Pivot Solar-Breeze.


Pivot Solar-Breeze will showcase the new Ariel robot within a week in the upcoming CES event. This solar-power robot has an immense capability to create a new arena or field for automated surface cleaning. If the device is brought into more experimentation, one can explore other domains where this gadget can find its application.

Source  :- https://webrosafe.citywikia.com/solar-powered-ariel-robot-can-clean-swimming-pools/


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