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If you are facing a high electricity bill problem in your commercial sector then the solar system is a prominent option for your business. With the solar system, you can reduce your electricity bill or can totally depend on your electricity on the solar system. But here are many questions to our mind like which solar panel is good, how many kw of the solar system is enough according to one’s need, price of all things, where to buy and how can I get other services regarding the solar system.

So, don’t bother, below we share all information about the “best solar system for the commercial sector”.

What is Solar Panel?

A solar panel is the primary component of a solar system it is a device that is used to absorb the sun's rays and convert them into electricity. This is the main work of solar panels to generate electricity. Solar panels for commercial use are typically larger and designed to meet the energy demands of businesses, and commercial properties. They can generate a higher power output compared to residential solar panels. 

The price of solar panels can vary depending on several factors such as brand, efficiency, technology, manufacturer, model, and most important wattage of solar panels. The average solar panel cost is between
36,000 to 44,000 but the total cost of solar panels depends on how many panels you need for your home.

Which solar panel is best for commercial use?

The monocrystalline solar panel is the best solar panel for the commercial sector due to their high-efficiency power of generating more electricity in less time compared to normal solar panels.

“Shark Bi-Facial Solar panel” is the most prominent solar panel for commercial use it’s under the “monocrystalline solar panel” technology that is “shark 445–550-watt Mono perc, 144 cells, Half cut DC power” solar panel. It is a super high-efficiency series of solar panels that are made of pure Mono perc cell technology. It produces power from the front and back on both sides. Also, this kind of solar panel can work under low sunlight and cloudy weather conditions and generate 20% to 22% more power then the normal solar panel. shark Bi-facial solar panel price is between Rs. 21000 to Rs. 25000.

Advantages of Monocrystalline shark bi-facial solar panel-

– They require less space due to their high efficiency. One need to install fewer panels in comparison to normal.
– They have a longer life span of 25 or more years.
– These panels are durable they can damage easily because of their strong structure.
– These panels perform better than the other solar panels in high-temperature conditions.
– These panels have a 20% more efficiency rate.

Components you need with a solar panel for a commercial system

– Solar Battery

– Solar Inverter

– Solar Panel Stand 

lithium-ion battery is ideal for home and business. Loom Solar developed high-capacity Lithium batteries for Home inverters, 100 Ah / 48volt 5000-watt hour this battery comes with many features and 5 years warranty. This power storage runs everything such as Multiple lights, Many Ceiling fans, 8- 10, and Home and Kitchen Appliances such as Television, Refrigerator, Water Motor, Geyser, Grinder, Juicer Machine, Inverter AC, and many more appliances up to the power of 5000 Watts. The Loom solar Lithium battery is maintenance-free, has a 10-year life cycle, faster charging (charging within 2-4 hours only), higher AH efficiency- 100%, longer life, lightweight which makes it easy to transport and install. Here are some estimated ranges of lithium battery prices between Rs. 2,250 to Rs. 1,50,000.

A solar inverter is one of the major components of a solar system, that converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used to power appliances in the home and Business. Solar inverters are a crucial part of a solar system as they allow solar energy to be utilized as a viable source of electricity for homes and businesses. Here are some starting ranges of Inverter battery prices Rs. 30,000.

 A solar panel stand, also known as a solar panel mounting system, it is a structure or framework designed to support solar panels in a fixed position. The stand serves several important functions, including providing stability, optimal tilt angle, and secure attachment to the ground or a structure. When selecting a solar panel stand, it's important to consider factors such as the location, available space, local weather conditions, and the specific requirements of your solar panel system. Here are some estimated ranges of solar panel stand price is between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 45000.

How many KW of the solar system is best for commercial use?

To know how many kilowatts the system is to install, first, you must know your requirement.

“25 kw solar system” is suitable for schools, colleges, universities, housing Scotties, petrol pumps and small size industries & warehouses. The amount of electricity your solar panels produce depends on many factors, including the direction and angle of your roof. The most important one is how sunny it is where you live – for example, a 25-kW system in India (North, South, East & West Regions) generates 1500 * 25 = 37,500 Units annually. One can also buy solar panels on EMI/ loan facilities option for making their purchase easy. EMI can be calculated according to your reference. The price of the 25-kw solar system is Rs. 60,000/KW. 

50 kw on grid solar system is suitable for big size of hospitals, shopping complexes, offices, schools, showrooms, restaurants any type of commercial space. They can run ACs, showroom lights, lifts, etc for a full day.

A standardization calculation of generating electricity from the 1 kw solar system is approx. 4 to 5 units per day after taking 5 to 6 hours of absorbing the sunlight with the help of this we get some idea of 50 kw solar system unit generation. 50 Kw solar system can generate around 250 units per day. This power is enough to run electricity on commercial spaces.

50 kw solar system has a great no. of ROI one can recover their investment in generally 4 to 5 years (depending on the usage and consumption of your power). The price of the 50kW solar system is Rs. 60,000/KW.

One can also buy solar panels on EMI/ loan facilities option for making their purchase easy. EMI can be calculated according to your reference. You can also use a solar loan EMI calculator to understand better about buying solar panels on EMI. HDFC solar loan interest rates are lower than any other bank so one can know about their interest rates for making their purchase on a budget.

On-Grid Solar System for the Commercial Sector

For commercial solar systems, one can only go for on grid solar system because it has many benefits like in this type of system, we don’t need a battery, it's cost-saving, environment-friendly, energy independence, etc. This type of system uses solar panels to generate electricity from the sun and then feeds that electricity into the grid for use by homes and businesses. 

One of the benefits of an on-grid solar system is that it allows consumers to use solar power when it's available and to draw electricity from the grid when solar power isn't sufficient. This can help to reduce energy costs and can also provide a backup power source in the event of a power outage.

Load Calculator

If you are confused about your load, you can simply use the power load calculator. For this, Loom Solar has developed a home load/inverter calculator, so you can easily estimate your power backup solution. Using a power load calculator, you can decide to choose the best inverter battery with solar panel solution for your home, hospital, shop, factory, school, etc. An inverter is the central component of a power backup solution. It cannot be upgraded or downgraded in any situation after purchase. 

To calculate your load visit this link hhttps://www.loomsolar.com/blogs/calculator/load-calculator

Solar Installation Coast

You always hear about the solar panel installation process. The solar installation completes with some processes such as Site Survey, Panel Stand Installation, Solar Panel Connection, Civil Work, Panel Wiring, Battery Connection, Inverter Connection, Earthing Kit Installation, and Cleaning along with that one question also arises, what will be the cost of Solar installation, so a standard solar panel installation cost is approx. Rs. 7 per watt.

Top Company for Solar System 

Loom Solar is India’s No. 1 solar company which is a manufacturer of solar panels, and lithium batteries for homes and businesses. Loom Solar is one of the best solar panel companies in India that have the latest technology of solar panels which gives you more power in less cost.

For other facilities, you must try loom solar-

  1. Flexible EMI Option
    2. PAN India Delivery within 3 to 7 days
    3. Buy directly solar panel from the manufacturer
    4. Over 50,000 happy homes and businesses
    5. Product demonstration centers in your city


When planning a commercial solar project, it is recommended to work with experienced solar installers, engineers, or energy consultants who can assess your specific energy needs, evaluate the site feasibility, and design a system that optimizes performance and return on investment.


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