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The solution to fix Canon Printer Error Code p10. This error can be seen in the display indicator or the display of the indicator lights on the printer, which is indicated by a light that shows the letter P, then the number 1, and finally the number 0.

The cause of the P10 error is due to several things, but the point is that the process of reading and recognizing the ink cartridge is not working properly, this is because the cartridge is damaged, or also some printer components on the mainboard are damaged. To ascertain where the damage lies you should do the following.

Check the Causes of Printer Error P10

  1. Turn off the printer
  2. Slide the manual cartridge to the center position and remove both cartridges
  3. Close the cartridge amplifier and close the printer then turn on the printer
  4. Pay attention to the indicator light, if E04 or E05 appears, try to install the black cartridge (black)
  5. After installing the black cartridge, now pay attention to the change in the indicator light, is the E05 error still appearing, if the E05 error still appears then reinstall the color cartridge (color)
  6. Until this step, the printer should return to normal with an indicator light showing the number 1.
  7. Until this rare, it can be concluded that the condition of the printer mainboard is fine, as evidenced by the printer giving a response code E05 which means the cartridge is not detected.
  8. Although arriving at the sixth step above it is considered that the printer problem has been resolved, but when printing it turns out that the B200 error reappears. If so, continue the following steps.
  9. Remove the cartridge and pay attention to the ink spots left on the printer head, are there a large number of ink spots on the printer head, if there are a lot of them then immediately replace the cartridge with a new cartridge.
  10. If the ink spots are not too much and the cartridge is still new, try using a rubber eraser to rub the brass part on the back of the cartridge, this is done to clean the fungus that sticks, then replace the cartridge.

The ten steps above should be able to solve the P10 error on the Canon MP 258 printer. The above step is an implementation of damage to the Denpasar Computer Technician consumer default printer, and it turns out that both cartridges must be replaced so that the Canon MP 258 printer returns to normal. You can also read articles about Canon MP145 Printer Error P10 Solutions. May be useful!


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