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I suspect many of us dream of discovering something astounding, historic, of value, or of mawkish value in our attics following a house clearance. The attic himself is the typical mystical location we all picture in our attentions, where something unbelievable could have been deposited for years, or hidden in a corner under the attics of a century’s old house.

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At House Clearance, we have surely found many valued items

At House Clearance, we have surely found many valued items, especially while clearing a house in some of London’s historic areas. However, we have discovered many stimulating objects in garages, sheds, cupboards, storerooms. You name it, the opening of any door can carry upon some interesting discoveries.

Throughout history, many objects that were once thought lost to the world have been discovered. Some great examples are…

Not strictly found in an attic, but a new proprietor in the London intent on fixing up his home, after ripping down a wall he exposed the Holy Grail of comic books. The Action Comics No.1 issue was being used as lining. Although not in the faultless situation, it sold for a staggering $175,000 version is more valuable than the home it was discovered in. A perfect condition copy of the actual same comic sold in sale for $2.16M.

The house clearance attic masterwork

In 2013 a Norwegian man discovered an image that resembled the style of Van Gogh. For years he supposed the attic discovery was false. It was unsigned and had spent over 100 years from community view. Eventually, the inquisitive owners contacted the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to get their skilled take on the discovery. Originally it was thought fake because it was unsigned. However, after years of practical investigation and research, the painting was thought to be a true masterpiece.

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This next find was music to the inventor’s ears. This was an attic found in Milwaukee following a theft. The Stradivarius violin was initially stolen from Frank Almond, a Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra musician. The police were talented to path the robbers which led them to find the violin in a suitcase, foretold to be worth more than $5 million.

Undoubtedly, in the UK today, and across the world, there are some amazing discoveries to be had when clearinghouses. House Clearance can only confidence we find something as amazing as these three detections. It would certainly reduce our house clearance clients very happy too.

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