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Some Eye Protection Tips For You

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Eye Care Tips: How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy | Doctor Insta

Several risk factors may harm or damage your eyesight. Whether you like it or not, some factors are unavoidable like age and family history of eye diseases. Why are they unavoidable? They are things you cannot decide for because they come as they are. You cannot stop your aging, and you cannot choose your genetic components. These factors are something out of your control. Now, the question is: How can you protect your eyes from these factors?

The primary defense against eye degradation is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthily and avoiding bad habits like smoking. It also pays if you keep up with your regular eye checkup. 

Another risk factor that many fail to remember is the impact of the ultraviolet (UV) rays on one’s eyes. This ray may not be directly prevented or avoided. What can you do? You can use eyewear with features that can prevent UV rays. Various sunglasses can block such rays to serve as a defense system.  

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