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Some Facts About SSDs That You Should Know

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Solid State Drives, or SSDs, have been on a rollercoaster for quite some time. Where there were brilliant highs, they were also questioning lows. However, the industry for storage has journeyed through several stages where currently, SSDs are solidifying their ground. 

And if you are planning to buy a good storage solution and seek an affordable 240GB SSD price for your system, we bring you some essential facts you must know about. 

SSD Facts You Should Be Familiar With 

There is nothing new about SSDs technology, as since the early nineties, these storage devices have been an integral component of our systems. However, their cost created a barrier for several users and became a luxury. But technology has come very far, making these storage solutions obtainable and economical. 

Therefore, if you plan to purchase, here are a few facts you should take advantage of. 

Price/Capacity Vs. Price/IOPS

When the genre is capacity, the more you ask, the higher the prices. But this is only partially true for SATA drives which offer economical prices. Today, even with increased capacities, the prices are only dropping. Hence, HDDs are still in the spotlight regarding cost per capacity. 

However, SSD technology and lack of moving parts stay a winner in terms of performance. The SSDs can handle a large amount of data and deliver faster reading speed. Generally, where a single SSD ensures an IOPS of about 3K to 4K, an HDD can only provide an IOPS of about 55 to 180. Not only SSDs faster than HDDs, but when it comes to price per IOPS ratio, they are the better choice. 

Importance Of Form Factor For SSDs

Confusion arises when planning to move from an HDD to an SDD. Once you have an idea of performance and storage space, the next step is to search for an ideal form factor. However, the form factor for SSDs holds no meaning when you look at it. Disk frames containing flash chips assist an identical form factor of an HDD. 

Therefore, when you buy a 240GB SSD online, you will come across similar form factors for SDDs as for HDDs, for instance, the 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch form factor. But where the price and capacity of an HDD depend on its form factor, for an SSD, the form factor loses its importance.

They Reinforce Sustainable Data Centre

Their making is the primary difference between a hard disk and a solid-state drive. Where the former comprises moving components, the latter is known for eliminating any of those. The design of SSDs ensures that they do not produce any heat while operating. As a result, they do not require any excessive cooling systems. 

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Despite the SSD prices rising with capacity, they play a prominent role in saving energy and are storage solutions that follow practices of green information technology. Moreover, even in SSDs, you will find variations based on their energy efficiency. 


SSDs are slowly taking over the storage community. The reason is their design and performance. There are several reasons why SSDs are doing better than HDDs despite their expensive nature. With this blog, you now know a few facts about SSDs to make an informed buying decision.

Source: https://fgtnews.com/some-facts-about-ssds-that-you-should-know/


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